Navman MY650LMMT focuses on the essentials: to get you there, and to get there safely

Navman MY650LMMT Review – Navigating shouldn’t be hard and navigation system shouldn’t even distract your eyes too much from the road.

A good navigation system will take you to where you need to go, but more importantly, safely and accurately.

Navman MY650LMMT‘s large screen with spoken landmark guidance and safety alerts is specifically designed to ease your mind while you cruise along behind the wheels.

The in-vehicle mounting bracket sticks well on the windscreen sturdily and taking the unit on and off is also simple and straightforward. You can tilt the unit while it’s on the mounting bracket to give you the best angle possible.

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The in-vehicle charging cable is also quite long, so I can pick the perfect spot on my windscreen without having to work my ways around the cable.

Navman MY650LMMT’s interface is very similar with the other Navman navigation system (MiVue Drive LM, SmartGPS, MOVE30), so if you are upgrading from a Navman’s older model, you’ll feel at home.

The interface, if you’ve never used a Navman product before, is fairly made simple. Big groups of boxes with menu captions make it easy to navigate and press on compared to having your eyes comb through small icons with close-to-one-another-buttons. Or worse, icon buttons with no captions.

Features I like most on Navman MY650LMMT

Landmark Guidance & Landmark Guidance Plus

Navman City

Navman will speak over known landmarks (such as the name of a shop, showroom, or restaurant). For example, you’ll hear “Turn left before Formosa House (name of a restaurant), Springfield Road” which makes it a lot easier to know when exactly you are supposed to turn. Most navigation system can even only say 200 meters or 100 meters ahead, which is frustrating and not too useful to most of us.

Navman also makes it so that even non-popular landmarks are spoken of, which helps tremendously on the road.

Advanced Lane Guidance

Navman MY650LMMT-5-2

On a big, busy main road with 3-5 lanes, you can get lost trying to figure out which lane you should be in. Being in the middle lane gives you the fastest cruise (normally), but it is risky because you may not have enough time to change lanes before you have to make that turn.

Thanks to MY650LMMT, it will let you know which lanes you should be in if you need to make a turn farther ahead. That gives me a peace of mind and plenty of time to decide where I should be, especially if the traffic is heavy. It prevents last minute decisions, which then prevents panic and accidents.

3D Junction Views with Signs

Navman MY650LMMT-6-2

Similarly above, I always got this anxiety attack every time my GPS system tells me that I should enter or exit from the freeway ahead. “Is this the one?”, said I, while nervously staring at the screen and on the road back and forth.

The 3D Junction Views with Signs make it really clear and I’m sure you’ll never miss your freeway entrance/exit ever again.

Smart Find

Gone were the days where you have to type the address in order (i.e Suburb first, then Street name, then Street Number). With Smart Find feature, you can start typing for an address naturally (such as “13 Smith Street” and the MY650LMMT will return a set of results based on your input as you type.

Of course, the predictive searching needs more than just a few characters to return an accurate list of results, but it is more convenient than having to do it systematically.

Lifetime FREE monthly map updates

Have you ever had to pay $80 or more just to get a map update for your navigation system? Thankfully, map updates are free for Navman MY650LMMT owners forever. As new streets and areas are added, so will your navigation system unit.

Other Features

Navman MY650LMMT Review

There are too many to talk about but I love how I can see the 3D landmarks on the map, live traffic updates (when an accident occurs and affecting your route, say), Zomato (Urban Spoon) integration so you can pick a good place to eat around you on that long drive (with tens of thousands of entries), merging lanes ahead warning, the road’s speed limit, and many more. Be sure to check a complete list of MY650LMMT features over at Navman website.

Navman MY650LMMT Review Conclusion

Navman MY650LMMT-2-2

Navman MY650LMMT is advertised as offering a stress-free solution to drivers and it delivers. It removes many distracting thoughts such as having an out-of-date map data, whether you will be caught in a bad traffic ahead, where to find the nearest petrol station/restaurant/car park, when to turn, which lane you should be, which exit you should go for on the freeway, and more.

This is definitely the most solid navigation system that Navman has made. The Navman MY650LMMT delivers just the essentials – to get you there, and to get there safely. The SmartGPS was great, but it’s kind of complicated and tedious to set up for an average Joe. The MiVue Drive LM was great because it auto-records your journey for insurance purposes, but the device performance takes a toll as a result.

The MY650LMMT is simple to use, smooth, and just perfect on the road with all the essential tools you need.

Disclosure: Review sample was sponsored but all opinions are mine


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