Navman’s ultimate Dashcam-and-GPS-in-one is powered by Android – Navman MiCam GPS Review

Navman MiCam GPS Review – Having a dashcam and GPS in one single device is not new for Navman. I remember using and reviewing their dashcam and GPS in one unit (I forgot the model number now), but the experience wasn’t that great. Navigation was not that responsive and quite laggy, most likely because the processor couldn’t really handle managing the simultaneous processes at the same time.

But years later, it looks like Navman’s newest MiCam GPS has stolen the show. It’s a dash-camera-and-a-GPS-in-one with smooth performance, along with all Navman has to offer packed inside this single device.


Design & Features

Navman MiCam GPS has a large 5″ capacitive screen with pinch and zoom, and it looks bright and clear. The windshield mount installation is the best I’ve seen so far on a dashcam with an extra lock feature to make the mount more secure. Navman MiCam GPS is the first Navman dashcam built on the Android platform and they are definitely taking the right approach.

The experience is really good so far and the device is also rich with features such as being able to show your phone app notifications, opt for message notifications being read aloud, and also to make + take calls with it.

MiCam GPS is designed for peace of mind, and to minimise drivers’ distractions from having to reach their phones while driving. So, things can be viewed on the MiCam GPS screen instead. While I personally find that a distraction myself, I’m the type of person who normally doesn’t grab or look at my phone when I’m driving. My phone is always safely hidden inside my pants’ pockets. But apparently there are many drivers on the road who don’t follow my examples and now they can at least glance at the MiCam GPS screen on the windshield quickly while driving – much better than looking down and have their eyes off the road.

The large screen makes things easier to see, especially when you are using its navigation feature. Plus the screen can also be customised to suit your preferences. Features like being able to see the current speed limit, speed and safety camera alerts, and even premium alerts like merging lanes alerts are all packed inside the MiCam GPS. Even if you are not using it to navigate, you can still get useful alerts and warnings when you are about to drive to a school zone area, for example.

MiCam GPS has Advanced Lane Guidance, ETA, next turn directions (like “turn right after McDonald’s”), and choice of routes that you can view after you enter a specific destination address. Maps and alerts can be updated via Wi-Fi with no extra cost, which I always like about Navman navigation devices in the past.

If you do want to use the navigation, you can use the MiVue Pro app on your phone beforehand to search and enter the address information, and send it to MiCam GPS from the app. Or alternatively, there is the Find/Search icon on the screen. Surprisingly, the icon only appears if you have synced/connected the device to your phone first.

The coolest thing is that the camera is recording behind the scene continuously (i.e a dashcam). Whether you are using its navigation feature or not, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is recorded just in case accident happens and you need evidence for the insurance.

The camera can record in 1080p Full HD with 140-degree viewing angle in both day and night, thanks to the premium STARVIS low light sensor. Here is a sample 1080p day clip from Navman MiCam GPS:

Navman MiCam GPS Review Conclusion

Powered by ARM Cortex A7 Quad Core 1.7Ghz with 8GB of RAM on Android gives the Navman MiCam GPS a speed and performance boost to handle complex navigation, continuous 1080p video recording, and phone notifications/alerts at the same time.

It has a bright, clear, large 5″ screen with great magnetic mounting method, plus the interface is easy to use. Behind the scene, it’s packed with features to give you peace of mind while driving but the power to do more than just navigating around the block.

Navman MiCam GPS is the ultimate dashcam and GPS navigation combo in one and should be in every car that doesn’t have a built-in navigation console. If you just need a dashcam, I’d suggest grabbing the MiVue760 Ultra instead with its juicier 2160p video recording.

And if you are still illegally using your phone loaded up with Google Maps while driving, it is time for you to stop now, grab the MiCam GPS, and be a more responsible driver.

Navman MiCam GPS retails for AU$369 RRP and available now at Navman website or local retailers around Australia.

Dislosure: Navman MiCam GPS review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine

Navman MiCam GPS Review


The ultimate dashcam and GPS navigation in one from Navman


  • Easy and secure mounting system
  • Great performance
  • Recording continuously in the background
  • Navigation system with advanced features and alerts
  • Can sync/connect with your phone for calls, notifications


  • None I can think of so far!
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