Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA dashcam recording in 2160p

Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA Review – Navman dashcams are one of the most affordable dashcams you can get here in Australia from a reputable brand. The MiVUE lines offer a variety range of dashcams that record good quality videos so you can send them as proofs to your insurance company when something bad happens.

Craving Tech has reviewed many of their dashcams in the past like the MiVUE860 DCTYRE, which is my favourite. And newer models mean better camera lenses and features.

Their latest MiVue760 ULTRA utilises Sony’s Starvis™ technology and offers 4K/2160p video recording resolution (where most dashcams are only offering 1080p Full HD).

The 2160p video files are compressed in H.264 and like other Navman dashcams, will be overwritten as new videos are recorded while you drive (i.e the older ones will be overwritten automatically). Each file is around 387MB (for a 3-minute video clip) but you can also set it to a 1-minute duration if you like.

Videos are being recorded continuously seconds after you turn your car’s engine on. Should an incident happen (or even driving over bumps on the road – depending on your sensitivity setting), the incident videos will be saved in a separate area. This means if a real accident really happens, the clips containing the accident shouldn’t get overwritten that easily.

These files will be written to a microSD card that you have to buy separately (i.e not included in the packaging). Navman suggests a Class 10/UHS-1/ MicroSD with capacities up to 128GB – this is because the video is of a higher resolution and requires a fast write to the memory card.

Even when nothing happens, the dashcam serves as a good, digital speedometer. You can set it so that it will show your current vehicle speed in full screen, making it easier to see.

Because the dashcam is on the windscreen, it is less tiring to check your current speed because you don’t have to be looking down at your dashboard all the time. It will also display a reminder to turn your headlights on when it goes dark (something that I tend to forget and had to pay a hefty $264 fine once at some point, sigh), and a driver fatigue alert if you have been driving for a number of hours without a break.

To my surprise, Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA unfortunately does not include Safety Camera Alerts (i.e safety cameras like Red Light or Speed cameras). It’s definitely a very handy feature but if you always check your speedometer and a law abiding citizen, the MiVUE760 ULTRA should be fine for you. But if you have an older dashcam that does this, you will certainly miss this feature and might hold you off from upgrading to the MiVUE760 ULTRA.

There’s also an “EZYSHARE Instantly via Wi-Fi” feature where you can transfer your recorded clips to your phone through the device’s Wi-Fi. This way, it’s easier to actually share a shocking clip like an idiotic driver behaviour (boy, I have many of those) to your social media while you are still in car and rant away.

I have covered EZYSHARE when I reviewed the MiVUE790 so feel free to check that article out if you want to find out more about how the feature works.

Here are some sample videos from Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA dashcam:

Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA Review Conclusion

Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA is a simple dashcam where you can just stick it on the windscreen and it’ll just work without too much fiddling. There are some settings that you can tweak within the menu such as the length of each recorded clip, the video resolution, etc, but you don’t really have to.

It captures videos continuously in 4K 2160p without fail and has better sensitivity in low light situations. Unfortunately the weather had been consistent so I couldn’t show how the recording clips would look like during a foggy day or thunderstorm.

With EZYSHARE, you can grab the recorded videos over Wi-Fi so you don’t have to ever take the microSD card out, and the dashcam can act as a secondary speed console right in front of your eyes on the windscreen.

The only feature missing would be Camera Alerts but if you are a law-abiding citizen, you may not even need that anyway.

Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA is available at major retailers around Australia for AU$269 RRP.

Disclosure: Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

Navman MiVUE760 ULTRA Review
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