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Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

blogger_2_wordpress.jpgI’ve finally decided to move my blog from Google Blogger to WordPress! I was hesitant at first and there are mix feelings and opinions with both on the web, which confused me even more! Not to mention that I might lose my PageRank, my URL , etc when I move to WordPress. So what made me do it?

I’m happy with what Blogger has to offer (I hosted my blog on my website through FTP connection) but some people do a move from Blogger to WordPress (if you search in google, you’ll find heaps of the stories). I was hesitant to move at first…

  • Can I still maintain my PageRank?
  • Can I import my old posts from Blogger to WordPress easily?
  • Will I regret my decision and decided to move back to Blogger?

Well honestly the main reason for me to move was the open source idea and the templates.. there are not many good Blogger templates out there. So after browsing around the WordPress templates available, I was touched. I then started installing WordPress in a different folder to play around with and it surprised me with other nifty features not found in Blogger!

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