LeTxt Review (Send FREE International SMS)

LeTxt is quite a new site, dedicated to send international SMS for free. Most free SMS sites only allow you to send local SMS and usually not internationally. LeTxt, however, allows you to send sms globally (they support a lot of networks internationally). Please note though, that currently it only accepts registration from Australia and New Zealand (if you don’t have Australia or New Zealand’s mobile number, then you’re out of luck! – thanks yudh1st for pointing that out in the Comments section!)

LeTxt Logo
LeTxt allows you to send 5 FREE SMS per day and claims that they support 340 international providers in over 140 countries worldwide. I honestly can’t tell whether whomever you are trying to send SMS to are in their supported network, so best is to register yourself and find out!
There is no catch at all with this site (I’ve used their services for a few months now). On the FAQ, LeTxt will send you an advertisement email every now and then to earn the “GOLD” credits (which you can use to further send extra SMS or other extra stuffs). I, however, haven’t got any email yet so far. I assume probably because they are still new.


You can send an SMS to a contact number (which you can type manually) or using the address book (you add/edit numbers, names, etc and can also group them together!). At the end of your sent SMS, however, they will put an advertisement text:

“FREE SMS from Letxt.com.au”

which I think is alright, considering they are giving a free SMS service for nothing. Their sites have a lot of ads though, but still considerably fine.

At any time, you can view the outgoing SMS reports (when did you send it, to who/what number, and also whether it’s being delivered properly. So far, it only takes seconds for my SMS to reach its destination, which is fast. Hopefully, they maintain this good service when they get more customers onboard.


So far, this is the only service which can send FREE SMS to international mobile that I know of, which is reliable and hassle-free.The only drawbacks are the advertisement text at the end (which limits your characters to about 130) and only 5 free SMS per day at this stage. However, this is more than you can get for a FREE international SMS service

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