Lunarpages web hosting review

Are you looking for a cheap but good webhosting? I’ve been using Lunarpages for years on a few web sites and I’ve never regretted it. At this moment, LunarPages offers a web hosting with 1500 GB of data storage, and 15000 GB of bandwith per month at USD$6.95 for a 1-year webhosting! This also includes a free domain name of your choice (.com, .org, etc).

If you already have your own domain name, there is also an option to transfer your existing domain name to LunarPages.

Storage and Bandwith:

  • 1.5 TB of data storage – all the storage that you ever need :D
  • 15 TB of bandwith – when people go to your site, download files (or even browsing your site), it is considered a traffic and traffic causes bandwith. LunarPages gives you lots of bandwith, meaning, go crazy!

Free Domain Name + No Domain Renewal fee When you register at LunarPages hosting, you can choose:

  1. If you haven’t got a domain name yet, you can get one for free when registering (free .com, .net, .org, etc domain) AND as long as your site is still hosted at LunarPages, you don’t have to pay for the domain name renewal (every year). You will still have to pay for the web hosting itself though.
  2. If you already have a domain name, you can register the hosting at LunarPages and point your current domain name to them.

If you are currently paying yearly for your site (both the domain and the hosting separately), I’d suggest you move to LunarPages, as they will waive your domain name renewal fee if your site is still hosted with them (This is what they called the “Domain name for life” offer on their website)

They also upgrade the space and bandwith every now and then. You, as existing customers, can simply email them and say you want to be upgraded too, and they will upgrade yours for free.

When I first joined, I only had 250 Mb of space (or was it 350 Mb?).

I never have any problems with them so far. You can setup hundreds of email accountseasily using the CPanel (the administration control panel), among with other features (backing up, setting up FTP accounts, cron jobs, etc)

Their technical support is top-notch, and you will enjoy being pampered by them, where all of your support tickets are answered in minutes (or the worst, a few hours only).

They also have an affiliate program (you refer your friend to LunarPages, they sign up, and you get a check of around USD$65) and a reseller program.

Check LunarPages and sign up if you haven’t got a website yet :)

You can contact me if you have other questions about them or post them in comments here, I’m happy to answer (and No, I don’t work for LunarPages :)) My main reason at first to have my own site and my own email address (non-Hotmail, non-Yahoo or non-Gmail) to put my portfolios for jobs interviews. It really helped me a lot during those times.


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