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Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

Well you just saw one of them! Multiple Pages support! Not to mention the native “Read more” support whereas in Blogger, you need to “hack” the template html/xml file.
To make it easy, I’ll list the features I like in WordPress:

  • Better administration control panel (more stuff and intuitive)
  • Plug-ins! (yes Blogger has it too, but this is open source! Meaning, people will keep on building plug-ins!)
  • Prettier Templates (compare my blog now with the old Blogger… ugh)
  • Much much much easier to insert AdSense code! (if you don’t know what AdSense is, then don’t bother)
  • Categories!! In Blogger, all of your posts are archived by month, now what’s the purpose of that for your site visitors?
  • Static Pages (Contact Me, etc) that you can create and their links will be added automatically
  • Can split a post into multiple pages, easier to have an expandable post summary
  • Other stuffs that I have yet to find out in more than just one day! :)
Admin - Selecting Templates Plug-ins Management wpadmin_managepost.jpg



If you are still using Google Blogger and want to move to WordPress, there’s an import feature as well. I used that feature to import my blogs over (well there were not much though, only about 6 blogs in total) with ease.

WordPress is being actively developed as well, meaning we will expect more and more features coming in to WordPress. Yay!

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