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Microsoft is generously giving unlimited storage space at OneDrive

Unlimited OneDrive space

Through recent announcements in the past starting from the day Microsoft OneDrive launched, Microsoft has been giving more and more storage space to the mass (such as getting an extra storage space in June 2014 and a way to earn an extra 30GB space in September 2014).

Weeks later, a more shocking announcement came. Microsoft, as of today, is offering unlimited storage space at OneDrive to all Office 365 subscribers.

There is no extra cost or steps that you have to do. All Office 365 subscribers (Personal, Home, or University) will have their OneDrive storage space to unlimited starting from today. The update is being rolled out so you may have to wait a bit before you get your turn.

Though I’ve been enjoying Dropbox for my documents and syncing needs, an unlimited storage space sounds great for backing up my photos and other files.

Since I’ll most likely stay loyal as an Office 365 subscribers for many years to come, OneDrive will definitely be my main backup system in the cloud. If you are paying monthly for an online backup system, you may want to consider scrapping that and take this offer. You get a whole suite of Office 365 AND an unlimited storage space for your other needs.

If only I can get an upload speed greater than 1 Mbits/sec…

Source: OneDrive blog


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