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So you are a blogger of a Technology blog like me? If you are running Google AdSense on your blog, I’m sure you’ll notice that you are earning only cents from it (Does 1 or 3 cents a click sound familiar to you?).

I found out about a CPC program called ASE Adnet from the DigitalPoint forum some time ago and decided to give it a go. Aron, the owner of ASE Adnet, said on a thread that you can earn up to 20-25 cents a click for a given product. Intrigued and doubtful, I signed up for ASE AdNet.

Before I continue, this CPC (Cost-Per-Click) program is not just for technology blogs, but it works best for posts that are mostly talking about products.

Why put ads about products?

Philips Arcitec Shaver Review
Talk about a product and display a deal

Sometimes I post up reviews about games, software, hardware, gadgets, or web services. If you have ever posted one up, you’ll notice that Google AdSense has quite limited advertisements around this area. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not.

But what if I’m talking about my lovely shaver, the Philips Arcitec, on a post and it is so fair if I put up an advertisement about the shaver, showing different deals and cheap prices around the net? If someone comes from search engines typing keywords like “Philips Arcitec Review”, then he/she is a potential “customer”.

By displaying the advertisement:

  • Your reader is happy, because he/she finds a good deal and clicks the ad.
  • You are happy, because each click will give you some cents to your pocket.
  • The CPC program (ASE Adnet, in this case) is happy, because some of the clicks will convert on buying a product, and some revenues will go to their pocket.

Why ASE Adnet?

I was with John Chow’s TTZMedia and Chitika before, however I was disappointed by:

  • Limited range of products on TTZMedia and the lack of updates on the program/interface/system.
  • The recent CPM changes to Chitika that were supposed to bring me more money, but apparently it wasn’t.

ASE Adnet, according to my observation, has more variety of products than TTZMedia. It also supports CSS, so you can define a custom css file of your own and it will work for every advertisement being displayed on your blog. Changing a theme? No problem. Just change your CSS file and all of your previous advertisements coloring will change too.

You may think that ASE Adnet looks dodgy at first (the interface and looks of the website overall). However, don’t judge the book by its cover. I did this at first but luckily I decided to give it a go for at least a week to see the results first.

ASE Adnet has a quite different interface when generating the advertisement codes. It actually offers more advanced settings (how many products to display, how many merchants, etc). Once you get used to it, you’ll actually love it. You can even save the settings so you only need to load and put in new keywords to generate new advertisements.

Again, try not to judge its interface and layout. Aron, the owner, has also been in contact with me quite often and he’s a great guy :)

Stop blabbering! Show Me Da Money!

I hear you. Here is a screenshot of my whole month “trial” with putting ASE Adnet on my blog (click the thumbnail to enlarge):

ASE Adnet Income Report
I'll be a millionaire if my AdSense can beat this

As you can see from the screenshot, I got around $9 for 50 clicks. You can also see the value per click on the most right column. Depends on the product, you’ll get a variety of cents per click. The 5 cent one I think, was a book about jokes :D Not bad, eh? If only I have more traffic…

Sign me up?

Ready to give ASE Adnet a try too? Wait, there’s more! Yesterday, ASE Adnet opened up a contest to win an Asus EEE laptop if you join before end of August.

Don’t miss this chance, folks. You can sign up for ASE Adnet here. Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover, the same as don’t judge a girl by her appearance only, heh heh.

Hope you can earn more money on your techie blog this time!

A sample of ASE Adnet below, about Asus EEE Laptop (it’s a real ad, so please don’t click if you are not interested in the product!)

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