Philishave (Philips) Arcitec RQ1075/1050CC Shaver review

Philips Arcitec Review Philips Arcitec Review– It was Christmas time, December 2007. For some obscure reason, I had this urge to get something new, something good for myself. Something… luxury.This happens every year (and I ended up upgrading my computer even I didn’t really have to, buying some weird gadgets and many more).
I have a Philishave 8894 (a.k.a the “James Bond” shaver) for around 4 years and I’ve decided that it’s time to get a new shaver. Err, at least, I assured myself that I need a new shaver.
So, I bought the Philishave Arcitec RQ1075 (or 1050CC) Shaver.

After some research on the latest bells and whistles that a shaver can offer (I haven’t followed any updates on the shaving technology), I’ve decided to get the new Arcitec series from Philips, the RQ1075 for AUD$429.95 (excl. $50 Cash back). With a 60 day money back guarantee, I felt no regret at all.

Now, there are 4 different Arcitec series made by Philips, only to confuse you.
There is the Arcitec RQ1050, 1060, 1075, 1095 (in Australia). To make it more confusing, in some countries, you’ll see 1050, 1050CC, 1051, 1060, 1085, 1090, 1095!! So what are the differences?

As far as I know of, there are only 4 variant in the series in terms of “functionality” (whatever numbers they may be) :

  • The one that doesn’t tell you how many minutes left on the battery
  • Same as above + the Jet Cleaning System
  • The one that tells you how many minutes left on the battery (digital indicator)
  • Same as above + the Jet Cleaning System

In terms of the materials/overal look (according to –  The Philips Arcitec 1090 is carbon fiber, the 1060 as a silver finish and the cheapest of the lot is the Arcitec 1050 which has a black lacquered shell. Have a look on the Amazon website to see a bigger picture of each series.

Apart from that, they basically have the same feature, the same blades, the same smoothness, the same power, etc. I had confirmed this with the staff from Shaver Shop (where I got mine from). So how does the shaver perform? (I won’t bother listing the specifications + full features as you can find this easily on the web or on the shops)

The Arcitec does give a close shave but I won’t say the closest. You’ll find that a manual shaver (the one with the blades) will give you the closest shave. However, I “don’t have the time” to apply a shaving cream every time I want to shave. What I want is a simple and quick shave, so I can be on bed longer before going to work ^^

Although the Arcitec gives a closer shave than my old shaver, I still have to shave a certain area over and over. It’s not a shaver where you can close your eyes and do the shave blindly. It takes a few shaving session for you to adjust to the Arcitec. If you are not happy on the first try, don’t give up! It’ll take some time for you to “handle” the shaver (which is light-weighted) and after some time, you’ll be familiar with the angle and the circular motion that you need to do for the best shave.

Philips Arcitec shaves easier around my neck area, thanks to the “Flex and Pivot” feature. The head of the shaver is flexible enough to follow my neck’s contour (where most of my hairs are).

Philips Arcitec Review – Shaver

There are a few indicators on the Arcitec shaver:

  • Number of shaving minutes left or a low battery indicator on the lower models.
  • Whether the blade needs to be replaced (about $100 for the whole 3 blades replacements)
  • Whether it’s time to wash the blades (I always do it after shaving though)
  • other indicators in regards to the Jet Clean System

If you don’t travel a lot, I’d suggest that you save some dollars to get a lower model (the one without the battery indicator). Besides, you can simply recharge after every shaving session. The battery is Lithium anyways, so it won’t get overcharged (trust me!)

Philips Arcitec Review – Jet Clean System

The docking station serves as the charger and also the cleaning system. Now, I still have this doubt whether the Jet Clean System is actually useful or just a marketing gimmick and a money waster. You are supposed to fill it with Philips cleaning liquid (AUD$16 per bottle!), attach your Arcitec shaver on the charging platform, press the “start” button, and enjoy the show. It is quite fun to watch (watching the shaver going up and down and the blades getting cleaned). The cleaning process will take some time, depends on how hairy you are! I always wash the blades first on the sink before putting it on the Jet Clean System, so the cleaning process only takes 5-10 minutes.

I’ve used this shaver for more than a month now and honestly, I’m still deciding whether or not to return the shaver and just buy the one without the Jet Clean System. I guess it’s much better to rinse the blades with water and also being cleaned with alcohols and a cleaning liquid. It sounds more…hygienic somehow.

Philips Arcitec Review – Conclusion

If you are looking for a new electric razor for yourself or for your man, then Philips Arcitect is for you. It is a bit pricey, but it looks good, it shaves well, and it feels good. You need to shave a few times before you can decide whether to send it back for a full refund or to keep it (You are given 60 days, which is plenty of time). If, however, you are still happy with your current shaver, then I’d suggest not to waste your money on the Arcitec just yet.

As for the Jet Clean System, I still can’t decide. I’ve been happy with rinsing my shaver with tap water these few years, and I still don’t see a valid reason to use a proper cleaning system. If you really are a lazy bump and just can’t be bothered to waste time cleaning the blades, then you should get the Jet Clean System.

As to which series that you should get, it’s entirely up to you. If you travel a lot and you are too lazy to bring the charger around, then you should get the one with the digital indicator.

There is also a newer electric shaver from Philips. Check out my SensoTouch 3D Review.

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