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BugMe! Notes review for iPad

BugMe NotesUPDATE: BugMe! is now a universal app (one app purchase to be installed on all iOS devices)

BugMe! Notes for iPad is an application where you can quickly jot reminder notes (or basically any short notes) with ease. I had the BugMe program on my Windows Mobile before and I loved it because I could use my finger to handwrite the notes instead of relying on the on-screen keyboard.

The BugMe for iPad is no different but it has much more features compared to the Windows Mobile version. If you are the type of person with sticky notes all around your monitor or desk, BugMe Notes will definitely satisfy you. The layout of the notes is really life alike on the iPad: When you create a note, you can specify the color of the notes and also the ink color. You can also choose between a handwritten one (write with your finger) or using the iPad on-screen keyboard. The choice is yours but since I normally use BugMe!  Notes to write quick and short reminders, I go for the handwritten one all the time. That way, I only need to spend seconds to write a note. BugMe Notes Review - handwritten notes As any good reminder software do, BugMe! Notes will send you a push notification and an alarm sound if a note is due (if you set it to). There are a few alarm sounds to choose from and also preset time reminders such as 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. As always, you can set a custom reminder on a specific date and a specific time. BugMe Notes Review - custom alarm BugMe Notes iPad - push notifications If you are not a fan of the push me notifications, there is an alternative way. BugMe! Notes for iPad can make your notes appear on the home screen as an app shortcut! This way, you’ll always see your important notes in front of your eyes whenever you turn the iPad on. BugMe Notes Review - create notes BugMe Notes Review - Home icon BugMe! Notes also supports other features such emailing your notes or sharing them on Twitter. There is also a support to write texts on your existing photos but honestly I don’t use these features as I just love BugMe! Notes as my sticky notes and quick reminders only. But more features on an app don’t hurt, do they?

BugMe! Notes Review Conclusion

BugMe Notes Review - notesThere is not much else to say here. BugMe! Notes is a simple to use application and it looks great on the iPad. Notes can be custom tailored to your style (note colors, ink colors, and also the type of writings). The fact that notes can be handwritten using just your finger means that you can always create quick short reminder notes in seconds.

Reminders can be achieved through push notifications, alarm sounds, and by making your important sticky notes displayed on the iPad home screen. Alarms and push notifications worked well although I found a couple of times where it told me there was a note due even when I already have no notes on the BugMe! Notes application. It’s probably a simple bug and can easily be fixed on the newer version.

If you want a more powerful reminder software that allows you to sync online, label the notes to different categories, or perhaps send you an email/sms when the reminder is due, you have to look at another app. However, if you just want to create quick and short reminders on your iPad with style, BugMe! Note is easily a recommended app for you.

BugMe! Stickies – Ink Notes with Alarms – Electric Pocket

Note: Promo code provided for the review

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