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3 Quick Tips on How To Build Your Own Home Cinema System

Home cinema system

Home cinema systems are becoming more and more popular, and thanks to the development of technology that gives you cinema quality pictures, like HD and blu ray everyone can get an amazing viewing experience in their own homes.

So if you want a fantastic home cinema system that will be the envy of all your friends, follow these simple steps and become your neighbourhood cinema.

If you want to be able to watch action movies at full blast or sit through your favourite rock opera without driving your family and the neighbours mad, then equip your cinema room with sound proofing. Don’t forget to consider sound insulation as well.

There are various types of sound proofing tools you can buy, from foam sheeting which you can fix yourself o your walls or more expensive solutions which can be installed by a professional. It’s really important to soundproof your room if you want to be able to enjoy your cinema room fully.

How To Build Your Own Home Cinema System

(1) Choose Quality Equipment

The equipment you choose will have a big bearing on how successful your home cinema system is. Whether you’re choosing a flat screen TV, speakers, or connecting cables, go for the highest quality that you can afford. If you’re not sure about what type of equipment will be best for you then the most effective way to find out is to go along to your local dealer and ask them to demonstrate different equipment.

You’ll be able to determine things like the differences in sound quality of types of speakers, picture definition on your widescreen and which cables work best for each purpose.

(2) Your Seating Strategy

When it comes to seating you need to ensure that yours aren’t too close or too far away from the screen. The size of your room should also determine your screen size. If you’ve ever sat right at the front of the cinema then you’ll know that it makes for an uncomfortable viewing experience so measure where you put your seating by the size of screen you have.

As a general rule of thumb you should place your seating approximately two and a half times the size of your screen. So if you have a screen that’s one metre wide your seating should be at least two and a half metres way. Now you have all the knowledge you need to make your ultimate home cinema so you’ll be able to sit back and relax.

(3) Go Digital

If you haven’t switched to digital yet then you haven’t got long left to make the switch. Remember that any home cinema will be used for TV watching too, so you may want to consider what digital provider you go with. For example, Freeview viewers can get access to over 140 television and radio channels and these include HD channels which can be viewed with a HD television set.

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