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Why Relying on Antivirus Signatures is not Sufficient

Note: This is a guest post written by Nitesh Singh


Cyber criminals are always a step ahead when compared to the big cyber security firms, and this is mainly the reason why there is constant generation of unique malware. Cyber crime has become a thriving industry and there is a lot of money involved in it.

It has been listed down as one of the major threats to any country’s system. Most of these malware samples go unnoticed for weeks together. Here’s a look at why security experts are unable to stop them from creating new malwares.

The Flaws

Each malware is encrypted so that it goes undetected by your computer’s antivirus. It keeps changing until it passes the antivirus scans. This is a massive advantage over the existent cyber security space. The security systems need to be set right and not search for malwares in the wilderness.

It is important to understand malware crypting technology to stop it. Malware cryptors are scripts that encrypt the regular malwares and block access to a specific region in your computer. Cyber attackers are always alert and have a keen eye on all the new technologies formulated by antivirus giants. They develop counter strategies to combat these features and derail it.

There are a few cybercrime friendly online communities, where such services are offered. These services are designed in such a way that their malware would pass all antivirus scanning. Cyber criminals use the server-side polymorphism to dodge any antivirus computer scan and kill the traditional ways an antivirus functions.

The Hindrance

The security industry currently functions in an outdated manner. All antivirus signatures wait for a new malware to be detected, and once the malware is found, they develop definitions to fight it. However, their traditional way of tackling this issue has a problem – it slows down the computer performance as it requires massive space on your hard disk.

Then the user has to update his antivirus tool, online to keep his computer safe. This becomes a long and tedious process, and till the time it is done, it is pretty late. The process needs to be moulded into a faster and better one; a behaviour-based security plan would do. The present system has a lot of loopholes and while the user is updating his antivirus, any malware can infiltrate your system through any Internet ports.

With an industry dominated by antivirus signatures is facing such alarming issues, it is indeed a concern. It’s time the antivirus industry looked at cyber security from a different perspective.

Kaspersky antivirus showed a 99.33% protection against all kinds of malware tested on it. It is safe and can avert malware attacks and alert you at the earliest. Some tools that come with the basic antivirus work only on 32-bit operating systems.

Note: This guest post was written by Nitesh Singh from AskReview.net. We found Kaspersky antivirus & Kaspersky internet suites to be high performing & reliable as compared to their adversaries. Read our exclusive reviews & know more.

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