How IBM creates a smarter planet with Predictive Maintenance

IBMWe’ve experienced it all with our cars. Broken air conditioner? You go and and get that fixed or replaced. Things get more dangerous when it involves the brake or engine failures. Most of the time, however, we’ll only take good care of it when things stopped working or when things start to make funny noises.

With IBM Predictive Maintenance approach, disasters can be prevented as early as possible and you only maintain machineries or electronics when you need them to.

This is done by collecting, utilising, and aggregating big amount of data in real time, combined with knowledge to identify and fix problems before it breaks. Just like when you have a bit of a cold and start feeling the symptoms. You quickly go to the doctor to get some medicine before the disease gets worse.

IBM Predictive Maintenance can spot tiny leaks from water pipes, alert when it’s time to service the car (not based on an “every 6 month” approach), and even ultimately save lives in most extreme cases.

Continuous service (due to effective maintenance), safety assurance, saving costs (since you only service what you need to and when you need to), and ultimately, creating a smarter planet is what IBM tries to achieve.

It’s basically seeing the problems before they happen and prevent them.

Check out Christopher Conradi, IT Specialist, Business Analytics from IBM explaining about Predictive Maintenance in the video below:

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