LG shows of its robotic vacuum cleaners at CES 2013

LG Robot vacuum cleaner

At CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013, LG will showcase its newest square-shaped robotic vacuum cleaner. Most robotic vacuum cleaners are round shaped (like the Robomaid that I reviewed some years ago) but according to Philips Anderson, Head of Public Relations for LG Australia, most consumer’s rooms are rectangular. As such, it makes much more sense to develop a robotic vacuum cleaner that takes this into account.

After all, all we (consumers) want is a clean house without any hassle, right?

The ROBOKING SQUARE has an improved sensor, longer brushes, ultrasonic and infrared sensors to detect obstacles, and a Dual Eye 2.0™ cameras to scan and map your house rooms (even when the lights are off).

The dual cameras (upper and lower) will scan ceilings, walls, and floors to generate an enhanced mapping of the whole house. It can even learn to remember the positioning of objects and areas that it has cleaned before. I’m not sure how it works if you have a messy house and tends to throw things away randomly daily though.

It also has a long lasting battery, HEPA 11 filter, and a low noise level (unlike the noisy Robomaid that I reviewed before).


Not sure how effective the LG ROBOKING SQUARE is but in my own experience, no matter how good a robotic vacuum cleaner is, you will still have to manually vacuum some tough spots (due to the size of robotic vacuum cleaners). However, I think it is great to let them clean up the major areas of the house every day or so.

Do you own a robotic vacuum cleaner yourself? How does it perform?

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