Quirky’s USB recharge docking station from Mobile Fun

Quirky Converge Docking Station

The Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station is a funky gadget to tidy up your workspace. With all the devices that we all have, I assume you must have the recharge cables plugged into your power board and have the end tips lying around messily. They make your eyes hurt (or at least, mine). Or sometimes you get scared when you are about to place your precious mobile phone on the table to charge, wondering whether there is anything on the table that might scratch the back of your phone.

Thanks to a smart and elegant solution from Mobile Fun, you can have a neat and gorgeous looking workspace area and a safe place to rest your device on.

The Quirky Converge packaging:


The packaging contains the Quirky Converge USB docking station and the power adapter (in UK & US). Once you plug the tip of the power cable, the 4 USB slots (located at the back of the docking station) are all powered up and ready to charge your devices.


You can then stash the messy cables underneath the docking station so that it looks good from the front (and hide the messy-ness away):





Obviously, you can make it even neater than what I was doing there, but you get the point. The Quirky Converge can house multiple devices on it (depends on the size of the devices), even the bigger iPad in either Portrait or Landscape:


When you place the iPad in Portrait mode, you can also add another smartphone on the docking station like my iPhone 5 there. The devices will sit safely and securely on top of the soft TPE grips. Though this is cool, apparently I find that it is really hard to charge the iPad with a case on the Quirky Converge. When I tested with my Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover, the combination gets too big on the docking station and will not fit the TPE grips area (without slipping away, that is).

Nevertheless, I don’t mind taking my iPad 3 out from the cover to charge (as it is so easy with the Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard cover) but it’s something that you may want to consider. You can also fit other devices on the Quirky Converge, such as a digital camera, Bluetooth headset, and other devices rechargeable via USB. The Quirky Converge can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Quirky Converge Docking Station Review Conclusion

Quirky Converge

Quirky Converge USB Recharge Docking Station

The Quirky Converge from Mobile Fun’s innovative design also removes the cable clutter, which normally happens if you have a lengthy USB cable. It can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously at the same time although having all of them on the docking station is a different question altogether.

The most important thing is, the Quirky Converge from Mobile Fun looks quite elegant on the desk (compared to having messy cables lying about). I always like to keep my workspace tidy – they enhance my mood and (no-scientific-proof-yet) productivity. Most of the materials are made of plastic though, so you may or may not like the whole feel of the docking station.

Rating by Michael Aulia: 7/10 stars

Note: Quirky Converge review sample was provided by Mobile Fun for the review. Feel free to also check out their iPhone 5 accessories section.

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