Watch Full Movies Free, Online – Is this legal?

Remote ControlA friend of mine introduced me to this site,, yesterday. It was a site where you can watch your favorite movie online, in FULL, for free! You simply go to the site, choose which movies you want to watch (you can also search for a particular movie), and sit back on your chair.

The movie of your choice will then be streamed to your browser through an embedded video player. It seems that the site only accepts Mozilla Firefox browser at the moment.

The movies are new, but looking at the quality, I’m pretty sure the picture was taken with a handheld cam. Seeing that this is a free service, it makes me wonder how a site like this can still exist on the web. Wouldn’t it get shut down?

The site seems to have a lot of visitors and members, so I’m quite sure it has been established for quite some time.

Visitors and Guests

Actually, upon checking on the domain name, the domain was created/established back in February 2007 (over a year now!)

I tried watching Kung Fu Panda on the site, and the videos actually worked (see screenshot below):

Kung Fu Panda

However, I quickly turn it off again after grabbing a screenshot for this post. I’d rather enjoy the movie on a big screen or at least on a higher quality. I’d rather not to watch the movie rather than watching a bad-low-quality one.

Nevertheless, if you really don’t have a cent to spend on cinemas or DVDs, you may want to look at this watching movie online site. Legal or not, the site exists and maybe one day, it will be shut down, who knows?

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