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RAGE 2 is currently free at Epic Games Store

Bethesda-id-Software-RAGE-2 Review

RAGE 2 is a fun, first person shooter set in an apocalyptic world (make sure to check our review on the game), published by Bethesda Softworks. It was developed by Avalanche Studios and id Software (the maker of DOOM) and released back in 2019.

It is currently free to claim at Epic Games Store until the 25th of February so if you haven’t yet, make sure to claim the game and add it into your library now.

Epic Games Store frequently offers free Indie and sometimes AAA games every now and then. Even if you are not interested in playing the games yet, it’s always a good idea to claim them first and add them to your account.

You’ll never know when you are going to play them. To get RAGE 2 for free, simply go to RAGE 2 page at Epic Games Store and click the “Get” button.

RAGE 2 Official Trailer:

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