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Is it time for you to say goodbye to LastPass Free password manager?

Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash

Years ago, I used LastPass as my password manager to manage all my logins and passwords. You know, so that you don’t just have that one password to remember and use it on ALL accounts (if this is you, please, use a password manager). I since then had moved to a more premium solution, 1Password (which costs US$2.99 per month).

But if you are still using LastPass as your free password manager on both PCs and mobile devices, that soon is about to change.

LastPass has just made an announcement that soon, you no longer can sync your passwords between computers and mobile devices. This means you cannot use LastPass Free on both your PC and your phone, say. Unless of course, if you upgrade to LastPass Premium with a monthly subscription ($3 per month – but there is a limited time discount for just $2.25 per month).

The good news is that LastPass is locking this based on device type (i.e computers and mobile devices), and not on an individual device. So for example, you can still use LastPass Free and sync all your logins and passwords between all your PCs and laptops (unlimited). It’s just that you can’t use it on your tablet or phone.

Or should you pick the mobile devices option, you can use LastPass Free on all your phones and tablets, but not on your desktops and laptops.

This changes will go live on 16th of March this year, so you should re-evaluate your options now. If you’ve been using LastPass Free on both your computers and mobile devices, you either need to upgrade to LastPass Premium, or move to a different solution (either free, or premium).

I’ve been using 1Password for a few years and have no complaints so far. It works great on mobile devices (both iPhone and Android devices) and computers. If you are going to something free again, there is a chance you’ll have to move again if they decide to charge a monthly subscription – so it’s probably best to just migrate now to 1Password or any other premium password managers and stay there forever.

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