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Intel’s The Museum of Me

Intel Museum of Me

The Museum of Me from Intel is a really cool application, displaying a virtual museum of your life with an instant. It does this by gathering your personal data on Facebook such as your friends, photos, links you’ve shared, words that you’ve shared on your status, and others, then transforms them into a digital virtual tour seamlessly. It’s really cool and all you have to do is to allow the app to access the info on your Facebook (should be safe!), then watch back in awe for a few minutes.

Below are some screenshots I took when I tried it myself but it’s so cool to watch the video, compared to seeing screenies! Once the movie starts, it basically takes you through a museum virtually, just like what you normally do when you go to a painting exhibition.

Museum of Me

It shows my friends off as paintings on the walls (by grabbing their profile pictures):

Intel Museum of Me - my friends

All my photos that I ever shared on Facebook:

Intel Museum of Me - my photo profiles

My location (would probably look cooler if I went to different countries and marked them on Facebook?):

Intel Museum of Me - where I have been

All the links I’ve shared (mostly my own blog posts lol):

Intel Museum of Me - links I've shared

Videos I were tagged or shared:

Intel Museum of Me - my videos

And all of my photos.. heaps of them! I’m wondering what’s going to happen if you only have a few photos though. The ground would probably look empty :)

Intel Museum of Me - all my photos

Again, it’s hard to tell the cool-ness of the application unless if you try it yourself! It’s worth trying it once and watch as all your lives being exhibited for your own to see. So what’s this all about? Apparently, this is for promoting Intel’s i5 core processors although you may have missed the point after watching your virtual museum :)

Visit Intel’s Museum of Me official site

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