Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Once More Criticizes Apple’s Vision Pro

CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg has sparked a new debate about VR headsets by stating that he thinks Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro is inferior to the $500 Meta Quest 3. Look into the specifics.

Mark Zuckerberg Criticizes Apple’s Vision Pro Again

Zuckerberg’s comments align with analyst Benedict Evans’ hypothesis that the Vision Pro represents the technology Meta hopes to develop in the next three to five years. Zuckerberg, though, insists that the Quest 3 is currently superior. He emphasizes that a significant setback for Meta’s VR efforts would be represented by any regression in the Quest’s weight, motion blur, or controller precision.

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Zuckerberg acknowledges that the Vision Pro has a higher resolution, but he contends that this benefit requires important compromises. He highlights the main advantages of the Quest as being its reduced weight, lack of motion blur, and accurate controller functionality.

Photo by Mylo Kaye on Unsplash

Furthermore, Zuckerberg dispels the myth that the Quest is just a gaming device by emphasizing its wide range of applications. He mentions a few of the best Quest apps that support social media, web browsing, and video playing.

The focus of Zuckerberg’s argument is on particular VR technology features. He believes that the Quest 3 strikes a balance between affordability, user comfort, and content availability, while the Vision Pro boasts higher resolution and possibly advanced applications aimed at professional use cases.

All things considered, Zuckerberg’s viewpoint highlights the Quest 3 as a flexible VR goggles that appeals to a wide range of users. But given its significantly higher price, it appears that the Vision Pro is targeted at a specific user base looking for specialized professional applications and state-of-the-art display technology.


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