Apple Most Likely To Use Larger, Lower-Resolution Screens to Provide More Affordable Vision Headsets

Apple is set for a mass-market mixed reality headset as evidenced by new indicators in the company’s supply chain planning. Well-known South Korean publication, The Elec, states that the iPhone maker is looking for solutions other than the Sony OLEDoS panels that the firm uses in its high-end Vision Pro headset for its extremely high resolution.

Apple Signals More Affordable VR Headset with Shift in Display Suppliers

Shift in Display Technology

The foundation of Apple’s current Vision Pro headset is also in Sony’s small but exquisitely fine Organic Light Emitting Diode on Silicon panels with a resolution of 3,400 PPI. However, because Sony has the problem of limited production capacity or space expansion, Apple has begun to use wider OLED panels from Samsung Display and LG Display. 0 to 2. 1 inch. These panels would be of relatively lower density at about 1,700 PPI, far from what Vision Pro boasts of.

Potential Benefits of Larger Panels

With Apple shifting to significantly larger and lower-resolution OLEDoS panels in the future, it may help bring the mixed reality headset to the common public. Even during Displayweek 2024 held in Califonia, Samsung and LG displayed the OLED microdisplay technology that Apple intends to use with enhanced brightness and efficiency for the new gadgets.

Advancements in OLED Microdisplay Technology

Samsung’s partnership with eMagin has produced a feasible 1. Full-color, 03-inch RGB OLED microdisplay, highlighted with high brightness. Meanwhile, LG’s 1. 3-inch 4K OLED microdisplay with the maximum brightness of 10,000nits through the MLA, also remains quite suitable for Apple’s future products.

Implications for Consumers

The rumors of the existence of a cheaper Apple Vision headset that people believed could be linked to an iPhone or a Mac to provide the computing power could increase the adoption of VR technology among Apple fanatics. Speculations were made that would be releasing it before next year ends, Apple is looking into the possibilities of increasing its dominance in the Virtual Reality market to a level beyond luxury products.

In conclusion, the current decision of Apple to use larger, lower-pixel-density OLEDoS panels means a long Journey toward creating a mixed-reality Apple headset at an affordable price. That is why Apple has been researching new display technologies with Samsung and LG to improve the access to VR and not to compromise on quality. With each passing development, the tech folks wait for the next groundbreaking step of Apple Virtual Reality.

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