Tineco Launches the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6, You Can Now Clean Underneath Your Couch or Bed

Tineco releases new products like there’s no tomorrow! This time, Tineco has just introduced the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6, a revolutionary wet and dry vacuum designed with a 180° lay-flat design for effortless cleaning under low-profile furniture. The new model features HyperStretch technology and the new FlashDry self-cleaning system.

Just a note that we already have the S6 Pro Extreme (check our review) and also a recently-released Switch S6 but you can’t use them to clean under low profile furniture due to the design.

The FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 boasts HyperStretch technology, allowing it to compress to just 13 cm, making it perfect for accessing and cleaning hard-to-reach areas. This innovative design, coupled with a three-chamber dirty water separation system, ensures that solids, liquids, and air are effectively separated to protect the engine and maintain optimal cleaning power even when lying flat.

The FlashDry self-cleaning system sets the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 apart from other vacuums. This two-step process starts with a 70°C hot water wash that deep-cleans the vacuum’s pipe and brush roller in just two minutes. The FlashDry process then uses 70°C hot air to dry every part of the vacuum in five minutes, preventing mould and reducing odours. This system ensures that the vacuum is ready for use quickly and efficiently. This is a much better experience than the older models where you need to let them out to dry naturally.

The FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 utilises Tineco’s MHCBS Technology to continuously deliver fresh water to the brush roll, ensuring a spotless clean every time. This technology prevents dirty water from being redeposited on floors, providing users with a truly clean surface.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 features Mini Assist Wheels for easy pushing and pulling, a repositioned clean water tank for better weight distribution, and a 45° swivel design for enhanced control. These features make cleaning more comfortable and efficient, even in tight spaces.

Tineco’s patented iLoop Smart Sensor technology adjusts clean and dirty water flow and battery power based on the mess condition, ensuring effective cleaning and reducing battery wastage. The upgraded pouch battery provides up to 40 minutes of runtime, extending the vacuum’s lifespan.

Tineco FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 Pricing and Availability

Tineco FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 is available now in Australia for A$899 RRP at Amazon.com.au

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