TINECO FLOOR ONE S6 Pro Extreme Review

Tineco has recently introduced a new member to its floor washer lineup in 2024: the FLOOR ONE S6 Pro Extreme – a 3-in-1 vacuum, mop, and self-cleaning cordless floor washer. Priced at $977 AUD on JB Hi-Fi (as of writing, it’s on sale for $899), this versatile cleaning solution is a game-changer for homes/apartments with hard floors or tiles. With its premium yet intuitive design, exceptional cleaning performance with its MHCBS technology, and excellent self-cleaning capability, the S6 Pro Extreme offers a compelling array of features to be your home’s cleaning solution.


In the packaging you’ll find not only the vacuum, but also an instruction manual, deodorising/cleaning solution, charging dock with adaptor, 2 spare brush rollers, 1 additional dry filter, and 1 dedicated cleaning tool. Additionally, the package includes accessory and dry filter holders that attach to the charging dock, allowing for convenient storage of the cleaning tool, extra brush roller, and extra filter all in one place.

To set up the floor washer, simply attach the handle to the body, charge the device, then fill up the clean water tank located at the back, and you’re good to go.


Even on first impressions, the device exudes a premium design and yet feels really robust, exactly as I would expect at this price point. I also like the matte finish on the body and handle, which I found added to its premium look. It has a full metal body making it feel premium and durable. Despite this, it’s not too heavy (~4.8kg), striking a balance between quality/durability and weight.

The user-friendly interface is a standout feature. There are only 3 buttons on the handle (self-cleaning, mode, and power buttons), with a clear screen display and accompanying voice prompts, along with a user manual that is clear and easily understandable. Overall, I love quality and design of the S6 Pro Extreme. 

How Well Does It Clean?

My apartment has 2 main areas with hard floors: the kitchen and the bathroom. Kitchens are especially prone to get dirty with sauces, food, and various other solids and liquids potentially dropping to the floor. From my testing this past week and a half, this 3-in-1 cleaner has done an AMAZING job. It can easily remove sauce stains, dropped food, and other fluids from the kitchen, and hair and other debris from the bathroom, even from the edges.

The S6 Pro Extreme does this using its MHCBS technology, where it sprays fresh water/cleaning solution into the high-speed brush roller (rotating at 450 rpms) as it cleans the floor, while a scraper cleans the roller as it spins, and the vacuum suction sucks the dirty water back into the dirty water tank. This makes the brush roller cleaner overall, minimising any smearing of sauces/dirt on the floor.   

Not only was I satisfied with the cleaning capabilities, but I also love how convenient and fast cleaning becomes when having both a mop and a vacuum in one device.


Smart LCD Display

The display is excellent. The screen is bright, the animations are smooth, and clear visuals are shown for each mode. It also tells you when you need to empty the dirty water tank, how much remaining battery you have, and displays each step of the self-cleaning cycle (which is a feature I’ll discuss later on). I especially love the “iLoop ring” which goes red when debris is detected and changes back to blue as debris is cleared.


  • Auto Mode: this is the default mode where the cleaner “automatically detects how dirty the floor is and applies the appropriate amount of detergent and suction power”. This mode is effective for my needs, so I tend to use this the most.
  • Max Mode: in this mode, the cleaner will apply max suction power and spray water/solution for embedded stains.
  • Ultra Mode: in this mode, the cleaner will “prepare for 30 seconds and then start to work. This mode is suitable for deep cleaning”. Honestly, I’m not too sure what differentiates this mode from the others. From searching online, it apparently uses electrolysis in the clean water tank to improve cleaning, but in my testing it’s hard to tell the difference.
  • Suction Mode: in this mode, the cleaner will “only absorb water and do not spray.” This could be helpful when vacuuming carpeted areas (although Tineco only recommends you use this device on hard floors), but to my understanding, this mode mainly dries wet surfaces, including after the other cleaning modes. Unfortunately, in my experience it doesn’t really do the latter that well. Although the semi-wet surface after cleaning dries quickly just by itself (so I’m not too bothered), I still am a bit confused about how well this suction mode is supposed to dry wet surfaces.


I really like the device’s self-cleaning mode. The brush roller can get dirty quite quickly, so having self-cleaning is super convenient. The brush roller has a built-in squeegee which wrings the dirty water from the roller as it turns. This water is sucked up into the dirty water tank, and air and water can also be blown into the pipes in the machine. In my testing I found the S6 Pro Extreme does quite a good job at self-cleaning, with the brush roller looking almost as good as new.

To activate this mode, place the device on the charging dock, where it automatically detects whether it needs a self-cleaning cycle. Click the self-cleaning button on the handle. During the cycle, the screen displays each step, such as soaking and cleaning the brush roller, clearing the pipe, and air-drying the brush roller. It also gives a % progress indicator for each step, which is a nice touch.

Maintenance Realities:

While the self-cleaning feature is effective, it’s important to note that the S6 Pro Extreme still requires manual maintenance. After each use (including even after the self-clean cycle), you would still need to clean at least the dirty water tank, but also the dirt sensor and brush roller cover depending on how dirty that gets. So, this device may not be as low maintenance as you might anticipate at first.

A notable point to consider is the shape of the dirty water tank, which may trap hair and debris in challenging-to-reach areas; and unless you have really small hands, it’s not so easy to dry the bottom of the tank. Also, despite thorough rinsing, drying, and dirt detector cleaning, the appliance occasionally detects dirt, prompting me to clean the dirty water tank.

However, the device does offer convenient features to ease manual maintenance. The removable brush roller and brush roller cover makes cleaning and replacement easier, while the extra washable filter allows you to use the device while the other is being cleaned.

Battery life

The TINECO FLOOR ONE S6 Pro Extreme has a runtime of approximately 35 minutes in Auto/Ultra/Suction mode, and approximately 28 minutes in Max mode. It’s more than enough for an apartment and certainly adequate for houses. This is the industry standard runtime for 2-in-1 floor washers, so it definitely stacks up to the competition.

The convenience of the charging dock ensures that the device is always charged when I need it. A full charge takes approximately 4-5 hours.


The Tineco FLOOR ONE S6 Pro Extreme stands out as a versatile 3-in-1 Vacuum, Mop, and Self-cleaning cordless floor washer. It’s definitely in the higher-end of the market at a $899 AUD (originally $977) price-tag at JB Hi-Fi. But for this price, it offers a premium design, intuitive interface, exceptional cleaning performance with MHCBS technology, and an impressive self-cleaning mode. While the device requires some manual maintenance, its convenience and efficiency make it a noteworthy contender.

Disclosure: Tineco FLOOR ONE S6 Pro Extreme review sample was supplied for reviewing

Tineco FLOOR ONE S6 Pro Extreme Review


The Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme is a high-end ($899 AUD) 3-in-1 cordless floor washer that vacuums, mops, and self-cleans, offering exceptional cleaning performance with a premium design


  • Versatile 3-in-1 function: Vacuum, mop, and self-cleaning all in one, make cleaning hard floors easy and convenient
  • Self-Cleaning Capability
  • Premium design, build and intuitive user interface
  • Exceptional Cleaning Performance with Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • Accessories and Storage: Additional brush rollers, dry filter, and cleaning tool included, with accessory holders on the charging dock.


  • Manual maintenance requirements: Despite self-cleaning, manual maintenance of the dirty water tank, sensor, and brush roller cover is necessary after every use, which may or may not be something you expect.
  • Suction Mode may not be 100% effective for drying wet surfaces

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