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IE8 goes final, worth the update

download internet explorer 8 If you are still loyal to using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your primary browser, then it’s worth to update your version to the most current one, version 8.

Microsoft IE 8 has been in Betas and RCs for a while now and today, IE8 goes final! This means that it will be under the most stable and the most bug-free (well, ideally, there are no bug free software) version ever.

There seems to be no new features being added since the Release Candidate a few months ago. If you want to know the features of IE8, feel free to revisit my page on IE8 Beta 2 and IE8 RC features release.

Why should I update my Internet Explorer to version 8?

Apart from the new features introduced, I strongly urge you to always update your Internet Explorer to the latest version because:

  • IE8 browses quicker than the previous versions. It claims to be quicker than Firefox 3.05 and Chrome 1.0. Although of course, Firefox and Chrome has been updated since then.
    ie8 vs other browsers
  • IE8 supports the latest web scripting and technologies. It means that you’ll always be sure to get the best performance and the most accurate display of your favorite web pages.
  • IE8 fixes security vulnerabilities of the older versions.
  • IE8 has new cool features compared to its predecessors.
  • IE8, being the latest version, will be tested and supported continuously.

Looking at my blog’s statistics since January 2009, it seems that some of you are still using older versions of IE:

ie8 versions statistics
I urge to you update your Internet Explorer version now (unless if you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari as your main browser).

Download Internet Explorer 8 (also check IE8 compatibility issues that may arise).

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