Dyson V10 makes a funny, soft “boink” / “boing” sound each time it’s turned off

Dyson V10 boing spring sound

If you just get yourself a new Dyson Cyclone V10 vacuum cleaner (I’m still reviewing it at the moment), you might be wondering about the funny “boing” sound it makes each time you release the handle.

And if you owned a Dyson V8 or V6 before, you must have realised that none of Dyson’s cord-free vacuum cleaners made this funny sound before.

The good news is, if you are wondering whether you have a broken Dyson V10, you don’t.

I made a small, quick video about the sound (sounds like a spring bouncing around, making a “boing” sound):

According to Dyson, this is a normal behaviour and not an indicator that your machine is broken. In fact, Dyson calls this “The Boing Effect”.

From the official Dyson Cyclone V10 Engineering Page:

To generate the extra power of the Dyson digital motor V10, Dyson engineers doubled the number of magnets and stators. When the trigger is released, the motor brakes the rotor to a stop almost instantly and the magnets bounce between the four stator positions.

Like a ping-pong ball bouncing on a table, they move a smaller distance each time, creating a sound which our engineers call the ‘boing’.

So there you go, enjoy your new Dyson Cyclone V10 and have a peace of mind!

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