Craving Tech goes live! Please update your bookmarks!

Craving Technology - Craving Tech

Craving Tech goes live today! I’ve done a permanent redirection from my old blog’s URL at to here. It’ll be some time before Google notices this change so I’ll sit still and stay tight! Meanwhile at your end, please update all your bookmarks (especially the RSS Feed because I’ve changed the feed address).

So to summarize this post:

If you’ve been my readers for months (or even years), I’d appreciate if you spread this new domain on some social bookmarking sites. So please do stumble, Digg, mixx, tweet, and any other things you can think of to help me spread this great new ’empire’ :D

And of course, as always, thank you for all of your support to this blog and to myself personally. Looking forward for a greater year ahead!

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