Having a YouTube Slow Loading problem?

How to solve YouTube slow loading problem

YouTube Slow Loading problem? Recently I was having a YouTube slow loading problem at home every time I wanted to open up a YouTube movie. This never happened before and I knew my internet was fast enough to handle the connection. The YouTube screen went blank for a very long time as if the movie couldn’t be loaded at all. Sometimes I could then see/play the movie and sometimes the screen was just plain blank. This was not an ISP or speed problem at my end because I can open up other media files online just fine. I thought this was a problem on my video card driver or even on the internet connection I have to stream video files. Apparently, it wasn’t as I could open up sites relatively quick and even the download speed was good.

If you are experiencing this very same problem like I did, here is what you need to do to fix the YouTube slow loading problem. Or at least, what I did to solve mine (hopefully the same problem as yours).

How to fix YouTube slow loading problem

First of all, delete your browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc) files (cookies, cache, etc). Normally you can access this via the browser options. Then, restart your browser. If this doesn’t fix your problem, then you need to update your:

If you still have a problem after updating these, the last resort should be to download and install CCleaner. After I did a sweep and clean of my system using CCleaner the YouTube loading problem went away! Videos can now be loaded and played correctly at the right speed. I’m a happy chappy!

All the best and if you know another way to fix the YouTube slow loading problem, feel free to comment below.

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