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October 2009 Traffic & Income Statistics

October 2009 traffic income statistics
Last month’s traffic statistics (from http://www.michaelaulia.com/blogs, before I rebrand my “Michael Aulia’s Blog” to “Craving Tech”): 34,787 unique visitors and 47,650 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Referring Sites: 9,476.00 (27.24%)
  • Search Engines : 22,037.00 (63.35%)
  • Direct Traffic: 3,241.00 (9.32%)
  • Other: 33 (0.09%)

Total money made online in October: around USD 157.47.

Referring Sites breakdown

Referring sites october 2009 breakdown

A quite stable traffic for last month, nothing fancy. A new referring site traffic came from the Nuffnang Blog Awards page (272 visitors). Not much, but maybe it was because nobody knew about this great blog yet :D (before the award night).

Money made online in October 2009

  • Google AdSense: AUD 117.09
  • Nuffnang: AUD 23.94
  • BuzzLogic: USD 16.69
  • Amazon Associates: USD 10.38

Total around USD 157.47.

Not a bad month even though I know I could have racked up more with that kind of traffic (what my readers said). Amazon has been slowly catching up ever since I’ve put more Amazon ads on the review posts. It’s weird though how people actually bought unrelated stuffs on Amazon but I still got the commission out of it (the good thing about Amazon). So if you want to try making money with Amazon, don’t hesitate to join the Amazon Associates program.

October 2009 Post Highlights

Looking forward for next month’s traffic which might go down or go up since I’ve changed my blog from “Michael Aulia’s Blog” to “Craving Tech” (http://www.michaelaulia.com/blogs -> https://www.cravingtech.com).

I was quite surprised looking at the Google Analytics though as this blog actually got more traffic after the switch (a big boost from Google Image search mainly):

On Saturday 7th November, I got 1,754 unique visitors and on Sunday 8th November, I got 1,777 unique visitors! Normally this blog only got around 800-1,200 unique visitors (and that’s during the weekdays!). Not sure that I did anything but this move seems to make the Google Bot Image happy? Or it can just be a pure coincidence…?

If you compare my Google Image traffic on the referring sites’ figure for last month on the top vs the one below (just on the 7-8th November alone), you can imagine the crazy traffic I might be getting in a whole month from Google Image! It’ll be exciting to see.

(Or maybe I made a mistake somehow on the robots.txt, sitemap, or any other settings from previous blog?? I still don’t understand why)

Increase Google Image Traffic

I am planning to switch to the Thesis theme one day too just to test whether it can really bring more search engine visitors as people said in the past. But yeah, one at a time, I guess.

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