Goodbye Michael Aulia’s Blog.. Welcome, Craving Tech!

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This is going to be a big big big one. I’ve decided to have a more professional domain for this blog of mine (from to It’s grown into what I call a “Monster”. I’ve never thought that this blog:

Its new home will be

Honestly speaking, I was a bit scared to take this approach but thanks to Arnold Aranez from MrGadget and the support of my friends (I’m sorry I can’t name you all in here), I’ve decided to make this jump. It’s risky but necessary in the long run. The pain is now to do the re-setup of the new site, backing up/restoring WordPress files & database, doing a 301 redirection for the search engine bots, and of course building up the Alexa Rank from the bottom :(

Why “Craving Tech”? Well, the other good domain names have already been taken lol, BUT I thought that it’s cool to have a blog that will (hopefully) satisfy your technology cravings :)

I’m gonna miss “Michael Aulia’s Blog”.. but it’s always exciting to see what future opportunities await me on! I’ll update you again when it’s being set-up properly so you can re-update your bookmarks and your RSS feed to the new domain name.

Don’t worry, everything will still be the same. I’m still the owner and I’ll still write my posts with my style of writing, etc :)

Should I keep the “Tech news, Reviews, and a Geek’s ramblings” or change it to “Satisfy your technology cravings” or something?

Comments? Hate this change? Love it?

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