Just updated my “About” page


In case you didn’t notice, I did a silent update on the About page at Craving Tech. Since I was going to speak at the upcoming Nuffnang’s Blogopolis 2011, I assumed there might be people who wanted to know more about the speakers so I made an overhaul to the page.

It’s pretty much the same thing although I’ve updated the recommendations and achievements – practically things that I can brag about about Craving Tech :) I may update it a little bit as I go along (I’m still waiting for another recommendation from a PR company I’ve been working with) and who knows what other awards this blog will get in the future.

Thanks for your support so far all these years. I’m aware some of you have been following this blog’s progress for a few years and wish I can give you some love!

Any feedback or recommendations on the new About page are appreciated (please put them here though so not to clutter the About page with suggestions)

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