Slim, luxurious, protective cases for your iPhone 4 and iPad 2

BeyzaCases Zero series review

For those who are participating in the BeyzaCases Zero Series cases giveaway, you will not be disappointed. The Zero Series cases are slim, luxurious, yet protective – it’s a beauty to look at (probably look even better if you get the White color), yet gives your device plenty of protection without being bulky at all. BeyzaCases has always been making cases of high quality (both in terms of the material and craftsmanship) and I can vouch for the quality of the Zero series cases that I’m reviewing for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

The Zero Series cases are handcrafted and use great quality of leather, which can easily be recognized if you ever bought a cheap leather case before.

BeyzaCases Zero Series Review -  iphone 4 packagingBeyzaCases Zero Series Review - ipad 2

The leather feels somewhat smooth and looks luxurious. The stitching is neat and overall looks pleasant in contrasting color. The Black version of the Zero Series cases is a mix between black and red, giving it a menacing look. The cases have a soft protective lining (in red for the Black version) which protects the screen and the body from scratches while you slide your device in and out of the case.

BeyzaCases Zero Series Review - inner lining

The cases also have openings at the bottom so you can recharge your devices without having the need to take them out of the case.

BeyzaCases Zero Series Review - recharging

However, when a call comes in (on the iPhone 4), you do need to take the phone out. Therefore, this may not be the perfect case for those who just want to have the phone ready to be used without having to slide it out first.

The cases are slim and give a snug fit. It requires a bit of effort to take the devices out in exchange of protecting them from sliding out by themselves (which will never happen, thanks to the design).

The Zero Series case has 5 varieties of colors when I wrote this post: Black, Tan, Red, Brown, and White (for both the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 cases)

BeyzaCases iPhone 4 colors

BeyzaCases iPad 2 colors

iPhone 4 Zero Series Case


BeyzaCases Zero Series Review -  iphone 4 backBeyzaCases Zero Series Review -  iphone 4 front

There is an opening (as I mentioned earlier) to charge the iPhone 4 while inside the case and this opening can also be used to help you take the phone out (by pushing it with your finger).

BeyzaCases Zero Series Review -  pushBeyzaCases Zero Series Review -  snug fit

BeyzaCases iPhone 4 Zero series case

iPad 2 Zero Series Case

BeyzaCases Zero Series Review -  ipad 2 frontBeyzaCases Zero Series Review -  ipad 2 back

The iPad 2 Zero Series case is similar in design, without the extra opening. This makes it a little bit more challenging to take the iPad 2 out of the case.

I wasn’t aware that the Zero Series case for iPad 2 has a sleep function support until I used it. Slide the iPad 2 out and it will automatically wake up, ready to be used without having you to press that Standby button. Slide it back in and the iPad 2 goes to sleep. It’s a really nice feature and worked all the time when I tested it.

BeyzaCases Zero Series Review -  sleep function

The case does not seem to have lots of paddings though so your iPad 2 may not survive a hard fall (it may not break apart but not too sure what’s gonna happen from the impact).

There is also this small bump on the case (look at the picture below) – it may be a magnetic point crucial for the sleep function support. Looks a bit awkward if you look it up close.

BeyzaCases Zero Series Review -   bump

BeyzaCases iPad 2 Zero series case

BeyzaCases Zero Series case review conclusion

All in all, the Zero Series cases look great and feel great. These are the cases that you want to get if you want to stare at the beauty of your devices as they are, i.e naked. Some wanted to get more protection for the devices but at the expense of the look and bulkiness. There is no point in adding bulk to the iPad 2 if you are not the careless type so this is one of the best cases to keep it protected.

If you haven’t participated, join Craving Tech’s contest to win a BeyzaCases iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Zero Series for free! Prizes will be shipped anywhere in the world so anyone can join in.

Note: Samples were provided for the review

BeyzaCases Zero Series case Pros

+ High quality material
+ Looks great, feels great
+ Lightweight, Slim
+ iPad 2 has a sleep function support
+ Can recharge without having to take the devices out
+ Neat stitching, great craftsmanship
+ Available in different colors
+ Snug fit

BeyzaCases Zero Series case Cons

– Has to take the devices out to use (need two hands)
– It’s not those types of iPad cases with viewing angles, etc
– A small out-of-place bump on the iPad 2 case

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