Yes, Phone Cases can be Pretty, Slim, Light, and Protective at the Same Time – PITAKA iPhone 15 Pro Cases

PITAKA makes great smartphone cases, including for the iPhone. I’ve used and reviewed their cases for a number amount of years now and they never disappoint. From all the kinds of cases I’ve reviewed, I usually ended up using their case as my primary one. This is because they are of high quality but at the same time, very light to carry and hold.

And now with my iPhone 15 Pro, again, I end up using one of their cases as my primary case. Today, I actually have a few cases from PITAKA for you to look and have a peek on.

PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 for iPhone 15 Pro

The StarPeak is PITAKA’s MagEZ Case 4 for the iPhone 15 which is made through PITAKA’s Fusion Weaving techniques. It’s a technique using aramid fiber weaving, creating unique textures on the front and back of the case, resulting from two layers of aramid fibers intertwining. You actually have to look at the case really close to be able to truly appreciate the craftsmanship of these cases.

The StarPeak weighs 19 grams and has 0.95mm thickness. These combinations make the case great for those who don’t like thick and heavy cases. The case is MagSafe compatible and it’s even embedded with powerful, permanent N52SH magnets to make sure it attaches even better to MagSafe accessories. As an extra, the case is also equipped with PITAKA’s own built-in NFC chips so that it works with PitaStudio.

The materials used also make it better to hold your iPhone that is normally slippery without a case.

Check out the StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 for the iPhone 15 Series as they have colour and model variants but here are some photos for the Milky Way Galaxy:

And below, are some photos from the Over the Horizon variant:

PITAKA MagEZ Case 5 for iPhone 15 Pro

These two new cases are pretty iconic as well as they are designed based on the movement of the sun. The two cases are dubbed “Sunset” and “Moonrise” to reflect the colour of the sky during those two moments in time.

But what’s new with the MagEZ Case 5? It’s made with a new technology, Amber Magnet Film, which uses a special coating process to form a coating on the surface of the magnets. The coating is then fused with the aramid fiber shell and resin under high temperature and high pressure.

With the MagSafe SlimBoard module 2.0, the MagSafe case is even thinner and lighter compared to the previous generation (27% lighter and thinner than MagEZ Case 4 cases). In numbers, the case weighs 13 grams with 0.69mm in thickness.

Here are some photos of the new MagEZ Case 5 in Moonrise variant:

and here are the Sunset variant, which is my favourite (and also my three-years-old son’s):

To check these new cases out, visit PITAKA’s page on the MagEZ 5 Sunset-Moonrise iPhone 15 Series case.

What I like about these cases (both the MagEZ 4 and MagEZ 5) are how good they look, plus they are not thick and bulky. They offer good protection from accidents like drops and scratches. I accidentally dropped my phone a few times on an asphalt road while using these cases in the past, and these cases took the brunt of the impact. The cases were chipped as a result but I didn’t get any cracked screen – or a cracked iPhone.

They also have the iPhone buttons and ports uncovered, which means you’ll get a more tactile feedback, a full naked iPhone experience.

Disclosure: These PITAKA cases were supplied for the article

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