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CM Storm Skorpion Review–When a mouse cord annoys you


CM Storm Skorpion Review – There are times when the mouse’s cord bug me. When I use a lightweight mouse, I often have my mouse been pulled away by the cord (my CPU is under the table). Sometimes, the cord gets stuck and I have to jiggle it a bit, trying to have something in the middle to hold it together. Or worse, I actually have a friend whose mouse cord gets torn by the friction between the cord and the edge of the table after months of usage.

If you experience any of these, then you should stress no more, as CM Storm comes with a funky solution: the CM Storm Skorpion.

CM Storm Skorpion Review – Packaging



CM Storm Skorpion Review – Design & Features

To be honest, the concept is pretty simple (to hold the mouse cord in) but CM Storm does this in a cool way, enough to satisfy most gamers who would want to have their workspace as cool as it can be. The Skorpion is shaped like…well, a skorpion obviously (which reminds me of the good old Command & Conquer games).


The materials used are a mixed of iron (core), rubber (feet and arm), and synthetic (body). The iron material is used to keep the Skorpion in place (weight system) where as the rubbers are useful to keep it steady on the surface and to be mouse-cord-friendly. I do find that the rubber surface is quite a dust-magnet, so you may have to clean it up with wet cloth every now and then.


The lower sections of the legs and the “skorpion tail” can also be disjointed/disassembled, making it easy to be carried to tournaments and stuffs. Once you wire the cord into the Skorpion tail, you can move your mouse around as the usual but it feels as if the cord is floating in the air. This allows you to game without having to be frustrated because the mouse cord is in the way. The Skorpion will also keep your mouse cord in good shape, since there will be no friction between the cord and the edge of the table (if you place your CPU under the table like I do).

You can tweak it to have the wire longer or shorter from the tip of the Skorpion tail to the mouse.


Should you accidentally push your mouse out of the table, the Skorpion will also keep the mouse safe and stop it from falling into the ground (bungee jumping style).

CM Storm Skorpion Review – Conclusion


CM Storm Skorpion

All in all, if you don’t want to go wireless for gaming and you find that the mouse cord is always get in a way at those crucial times, you really want to pick the CM Storm Skorpion.

It’s a simple, yet brilliant solution. And best of all, the CM Storm Skorpion also looks really cool on the desk, adding aesthetic changes to your desktop area.

Rating by Michael Aulia: 7/10 stars

Note: CM Storm Skorpion review sample was provided for the review

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