Never lose your keys again thanks to KeySmart Pro with Tile

KeySmart Pro with Tile Review – I lost my keys a few weeks ago and apart from having to say goodbye to my sleek Bellroy Key Cover, we ended up having to take some security precautions. While my wife has kindly bought me the newer Bellroy Key Cover Plus as a replacement, the KeySmart Pro keys smart organiser is a really good alternative, especially with Tile integration.

If you are not familiar with Tile yet, you might want to check our review on the Tile Pro & Tile Mate to see how they work. But with Tile, you can basically locate where your keys are if they get lost using the Tile app, or even play a loud sound to locate them.

It also works the other way around, i.e you can locate where your phone is using the KeySmart Pro but more on these later.

Packaging & Unboxing

When you make a purchase of KeySmart Pro with Tile, there are additional accessories that you can grab as well such as Nano Scissors, a USB drive from Kingston, and a few connectors.

The review unit I have here comes with a 16GB Kingston USB 3.0 drive and a Quick Disconnect attachment. The unit itself includes a slim bottle opener by default but I’m not a beer person so I detach it.

The USB drive is also not the fastest, but very handy to have as it is tiny and can hold good amount of documents & data.

Kingston KeySmart Pro speed

Design & Features

KeySmart Pro is a keys organiser to hold your keys in a single unit. In case you’re wondering, I’ve started using keys organisers and covers ever since my pants’ pockets had holes frequently (from the poking keys). KeySmart Pro will organise your keys and place them in a bundle like a Swiss Army Knife.

KeySmart Pro with Tile

It can hold up to 10 keys but this depends on how bulky your keys are. Through an easy set up, you can make sure everything is aligned properly by placing more or less “rings”.

For standard-sized house and apartment keys, KeySmart Pro will tuck them nicely.

If you have one of those bulky keys like mine here, it will be a challenge to fit 10 keys for sure! You can, technically, attach larger keys to a loop, but I don’t like having the keys pointed out as they might make a hole in my pants again.

Here is what it looks like with a bulky key & the Kingston USB accessory. It’s not the prettiest and slimmest looks, but it still works.

Nevertheless, KeySmart Pro is compact and convenient to carry in a pocket and while it’s not as slim as the Bellroy Key Cover, it has better features.

For a start, it has a built-in tiny flashlight and to my surprise, I find this really handy when I have to open my front door in the evening or from the garage. The LED flashlight is very bright and the button is accessible. I’ve pressed it accidentally too often each time I want to unlook my door, but it’s not really a major annoyance.

With Tile integration, KeySmart Pro goes into the next level as a key holder & organiser. After setting it up easily to the Tile App, there are now enhanced useful features that will make you a pro at keeping your keys, um, intact.

Thanks to Tile, you can get a notification as soon as your KeySmart Pro gets disconnected with your phone – i.e when your phone and your keys are too far away from each other (though this requires a Premium account). This helps in making sure that you’ll never accidentally lose our keys. You can also see the last place you had your keys so you can go back to the place and (hopefully) find them.

Unlike the Blunt Umbrella with Tile where it actually use a separate Tile product, KeySmart Pro has Tile integrated within. It’s also rechargeable, which is a money saver so you don’t have to replace those cell batteries or buy a whole new Tile product to replace.

KeySmart Pro with Tile Review Conclusion

If you’ve never lost your keys, at some point in life, you will. But if you place all your keys inside the KeySmartPro with Tile integration, I don’t think you can ever lose them. The moment you lose them, you’ll be notified on the phone. Or if you somehow missed that (or don’t opt for the subscription), you can still check where the keys were last seen so you can go back and search for them.

Apart from that, KeySmartPro is also very handy to have around. You can press a button which will make your phone ring – yes, even when the phone is in silent mode (tested on iPhone 11 Pro Max, running iOS 13). I happen to misplace my phone inside the house all the time and I don’t know how many times have KeySmart Pro saved my time and energy trying to find it.

KeySmart Pro with Tile does not just organise your keys, but it’ll make sure that you won’t even lose them. Available on the KeySmart Pro website for AU$75.66 and also at Amazon.

Disclosure: KeySmart Pro with Tile review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

KeySmart Pro with Tile Review


Handy organiser with Tile integration so you can track where your keys (and phone) are. Also has a built-in LED flash light and rechargeable


  • Organise up to 10 keys
  • Built-in flash light
  • Tile is integrated within, can find your phone even in silent mode, and locate where the keys are
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Optional accessories like USB drive, bottle opener, etc


  • Don’t work well with bulky keys, but still works & you can attach them on the loop
  • Feels a bit clunky to take the key out to lock/unlock your door
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