August 2009 Traffic & Income Statistics

august 2009 traffic statistics

  • Referring sites – 7,021 visits.
  • Search Engines – 17,909 visits.
  • Direct Traffic – 2,259 visits.

Total money made in August 2009: $108.88

Referring Sites breakdown

august 2009 referring sites breakdown

Money made online in August 2009 breakdown

  • Google AdSense – $93.11
  • BuzzLogic – $15.77

August 2009 Post Highlights

Well, there were a few ups and downs going on in my life and somehow it made me lazy & gave me a “boredom syndrome” at the same time. I got bored of tweeting and I got bored of writing lengthy good posts. As you can see, there weren’t many good posts happening and almost no marketing were done for this blog either. I haven’t even visited some of your blogs and left comemnts. I felt disconnected with you all. Well, the past is the past, it’s time to get up this month! I’ve subscribed back to some of your feeds and I’m planning to start commenting and having good relationships with you all again :)

I’ve also tried a few new programs to get more money out of this blog. I’m still struggling but thankfully I have a full time job anyway, so I won’t get frustrated or anything if I can’t make much out of this blog.

I’m still struggling whether I should write a few blogging tips like I used to be or just focusing on technology on this blog of mine…

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