June 2012 Traffic Statistics

June 2012 traffic

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for June 2012: 103,709 visitors and 129,000 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Search Traffic: 84,785 visitors.
  • Referral Traffic: 11,435 visitors.
  • Direct Traffic: 7,442 visitors.
  • Other: 47 visitors.

June 2012 Traffic Sources Breakdown

June 2012 traffic sources

Total Newsletter subscribers: 360
Total Facebook fans: 3,920

Traffic went down a little bit for the past couple of months (was it about the time Google Penguin update rolling?), which is a pity. However, the Facebook fans are growing, so I’m actually quite happy. It’s better to have loyal readers/fans compared to a once-off search engine visitor, right? (though it depends on what you are after: money vs readership).

Life also gets busier and I find it harder nowadays to reply every comment made on this blog (yeah, I’m sorry about that), to comment on other blogs, or to even write a post daily. I guess it won’t be long before I need permanent help to thrive this blog further now :)

Nevertheless, I’m quite happy with this blog’s recognition in Australia’s technology brands so far and there are always new collaboration and exciting exclusive campaigns/events to cover. As always, samples of new innovative products have been sent constantly to me to be reviewed at Craving Tech (as some of you probably notice). It’s a good measurement of trust from the brands and also about the future of this blog. Huge traffic is a good thing, but not everything, right?

How was your June so far (if you blog)?

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