January 2012 Traffic & Income Statistics

January 2012 statistics

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for January 2012:  139,706 visitors and 181,737 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Search Traffic: 121,953 visitors.
  • Referral Traffic: 8,529 visitors.
  • Direct Traffic: 9,189 visitors.
  • Other: 35 visitors.

January 2012 Traffic Sources Breakdown

January 2012 traffic sources

The tiny spike of traffic was from a post that I wrote about the breast cancer awareness month (about the Facebook’s I’m going to for months status thing). There were about 12,000 people searching the net to find out why all of their friends & relatives were suddenly trying to make an escape somewhere.

Total Newsletter subscribers: 316, from 303 on the month before.
Total Facebook fans: 1,755, compared to 1,710 on the month before.

Money made online in January 2012 breakdown

  • Google AdSense: USD 366.81
  • Amazon Affiliates: USD 536.04
  • Affiliate Sales: USD 75.43
  • Sponsored Posts (Unruly Media, SocialSpark, etc) and banners: USD 440.64

Total income made online in January 2012: USD 1,418.92

A significant amount of traffic from Facebook could be seen last month, which has encouraged me to be more active in Facebook. What’s your favorite social media/bookmarking service and how much traffic can you get out of it last month?

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