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What’s with “I’m going to [place] for [number] months” on friends’ Facebook status?



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I’m going to [place] for [number] months on Facebook –  Today I saw a few Facebook status from my friends about them going to somewhere for a certain number of months (“I’m going to Austria for 26 months”). At first I thought this was a joke or my friend’s account being hacked. We then made jokes on the comments for a while. Then the second person posted a similar Facebook status of “I am going to St Petersburg for 17 months”.

Being a curious being, I started googling as this was definitely no coincidence, even when the two know each other.

Apparently, it’s because of the breast cancer awareness that has been going around today (not sure where it’s originally from) and for how long this will go on. Judging from the previous “I like it on my…” thing from 2010, I’d say it’s the breast cancer awareness 2012 month.

To play along, here is what these “I’m going to .. for ..months” Facebook status mean (thanks to Yahoo answer):

“I am going to [month you were born] for [day you were born] months” where month is one of these:

  • January – Mexico
  • February – London
  • March – Miami
  • April – Dominican Republic
  • May – France
  • June – St. Petersburg
  • July – Austria
  • August – Germany
  • September – New York
  • October – Amsterdam
  • November – Las Vegas
  • December – Columbia

Why I bother researching about this I’m going to for months thing? Maybe because of my curiosity. Why I bother writing about this on a blog post? I don’t know, guess I’m pretty sure some of you have the same curiosity level as mine and been searching all over the web for this :)

breast cancer awareness

Anyways, I guess after reading this blog post, you shouldn’t be confused anymore with all these I’m going to for months statuses on Facebook.


  1. Never been confused, I think it’s just silly confusing everyone. And disappointing yourself by not going there for that long!

    • Well my $5 I gave in december has probably done more than 1 million people posting that in Facebook, is all I’m saying. (in one of the threads, they said to NOT tell people what it’s about, so that a little odd).

    • There’s no point if you are not supposed to tell anyone what it’s all about, unless if those countries are willing to donate a certain amount of dollar for the “free marketing”

  2. Okay, I admit it; when I first started reading your post I began to think of people that are practically inviting someone to break into their home (posting the details of a vacation, etc). However, I now must confess that I have played these breast cancer awareness ‘games’ myself; the men are always wondering why us women have similar posts every now and again :)

  3. I am 100% supportive of breast cancer awareness, and utilizing social media to do so. But is there a single female that can explain to me how this raises awareness? I got hold of the “forwarded message” for “females only”. It seems like its more of a way to mess with guys than raise awareness.

  4. I think the cause is a worthy one, but I am angry at how unprofessional and immature this is. Did it occur to them it may actually cause another person embarrassment and hardship? I just had to explain to my father on the phone that no, me and my wife are definitely not separating. I had no idea her status even said this and it shocked me. He also explained that my uncle had a concerned message about whether or not I was going. I really hope that is initiated by just immature people and not at all affiliated with the organization. GOod cause or not, if I had a choice of two good causes I would pick the professional one that conducts manners in a responsible way.

  5. I think people will be more interested if you say “I have been thinking of breasts for (how many months)”..thanks for sharing!

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