What’s with these “I like it on…” Facebook status updates, you asked?

Woman bagI’ve been seeing these “I like it on my couch”, “I like it on the backseat of my car”, “I like it on the floor” and so on status updates on my friends’ Facebook.

Although at first you may be thinking of something kinky (I guess they purposely made it to sound like that), it’s not.

Apparently, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so many are encouraged to have this “game” as a support to raise everyone’s awareness.  It’s supposed to mean where the girls like to normally put their purse/hand bags on.

If you are one of those curious ones (like me), you might have arrived to this post through the search engines. Well, you are not alone because I was curious and did a search myself.

This “phenomenon” has proven how effective doing a campaign on Facebook is. Now, will men have their turn soon for prostate cancer or something else perhaps?

Are you one of those who got confused with these “I like it on..” status updates?

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