LUXA2 H5 Review

LUXA2 H5 review

There is a regulation in Australia that you are not allowed to use your phone as a GPS device if it’s not sitting on a cradle. The timing is right because LUXA2 H5 is designed as a perfect car mount holder for your iPhone (and also other devices of similar size).

The LUXA2 H5 is designed to be flexible, durable, and able to withstand sunshine and heat (which is very important for a GPS/car mount holder).

The LUXA2 H5 is made with aluminium and has 6 arms to support my iPhone 4 (and my iPod Touch) on it. The arms are coated with rubber so they will not scratch the surface of the mounted device. The middle surface area feels soft and somewhat sticky to hold the device’s surface in place.

Attaching (and detaching) the LUXA2 H5 on the car’s windshield is very simple, thanks to the great design by the LUXA2 team, using the suction lever. There is only one button used to lock and release the H5 from the windshield.

LUXA2 H5 Review - holderLUXA2 H5 Review - suction

This makes it easy to detach the H5 out of your windshield if you think that you are not going to use it for a while. The H5 can also be attached on other cars’ surface (to play music and make/answer calls) if you are not going to use your iPhone/iPod as a GPS device:

LUXA2 H5 Review - holdLUXA2 H5 Review - hold2

The mount is pretty flexible so you can move it freely and even rotate it 360 degrees. Just make sure you keep an eye on the bottom arms of the H5 (as in, don’t rotate your iPhone 360 degrees because it will fall off when there are no bottom arms support). The LUXA2 H5 makes it possible so either you or the front passenger has access to it anytime during the travel.

This flexibility is perfect because:

  • If you are travelling alone, turn your GPS application on and you can set it to face you directly.
    LUXA2 H5 Review - facing driver
  • If you are travelling with someone, you can set the holder to face the front passenger’s seat, as your navigator.
    Facing passenger seat
  • On a traffic jam, you can play some games or browse the web while keeping your eyes on the road.
  • If you are travelling with your kids and they have started to ask that “Are we there yet?” questions, face the H5 to the back of the seat or the front’s passenger seat, and play a cartoon. When someone calls you, quickly turn the H5 back to face you in an instant.
  • Many other possible scenarios that you can fill in yourself here!

LUXA2 H5 is the perfect iPhone 4 (or other devices) mount holder in your car. It keeps you safe on the road because it keeps your eyes to the car’s windshield. I actually had a colleague who had an accident when he was driving. He took his eyes off the road while driving for a couple of seconds to switch music on his car’s music player. Apparently, the car in front of him decided to make a sudden stop to do a right turn. That 2 seconds off-the-road-glance cost him dearly.

LUXA2 H5 flexible arms grip means that it will work even for iPhone 4 with cases (as you can see from my screenshots), a GPS device, an iPod Touch, and other devices of similar size.

LUXA2 H5 Review - on windshield

The only drawback is that the arm cannot extend so there is no way you can charge your phone while it’s sitting on the H5, on the windshield (unless if you have a very long cable.

Note: Sample unit provided for the review

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