10 Star Wars Technologies That Might One Day be Possible


George Lucas’ Star Wars saga has captured the imagination of audiences for over 30 years. Of course, cinema-goers have been asking themselves the same questions for a long time: “Will we ever live in a world where these things can actually happen?” We’re going to take a look at some of the most iconic devices in the Star Wars oeuvre and find out whether, one day, they may well be used in daily life.

[1] Lightsabers

One problem that would come from attempting to make a light saber is the phenomenal amount of power needed. In fact, each light saber would have to have its own massive power generator plugged in at all times in order for it to work! Such limitations seem to suggest workable lightsabers are currently impossible.

[2] Laser Guns

The ‘lasers’ in the Star Wars universe behave a lot differently to the lasers in ours. For instance, in our universe lasers are invisibly in space, seeing as there are no particles that can break up the beam and make it visible. As the lasers fired in Star Wars are clearly visible, it can only be concluded that they are an impossibility.

[3] Encasing in Carbonite

For starters, carbonite is a fictional element, so it is obviously impossible to encase someone in something that doesn’t exist. There are materials and elements in the real world that are capable of freezing and encasing people, although keeping the frozen person alive is another matter altogether.

[4] Human / Robot Hybrids

Darth Vader has earned the reputation as one of the scariest characters in history due largely to his robotic appearance. There are many cases of humans replacing a lost limb or a function of their body with machinery, with something as simple as a pacemaker being a primitive form of technology that help the heart beat in rhythm.

[5] Space Travel

IA ship

There would have to be massive leaps forward in the field of space exploration before interstellar space travel could be possible. For example, given the ever-increasing size of the universe and its various galaxies, humanity would need to be able to travel at the speed of light, which at the moment is impossible.

[6] Droids

The most impressive robots these days can perform very simple tasks and mimic basic functions of movement. Given the rate that the performance of manmade robots is increasing, the concept of a functioning droid may not be so far away.

[7] Floating Cities

In short, this remains highly unlikely with today’s technology. Although mankind can use air currents and other sources to levitate certain objects off the ground (such as hovercrafts), the amount of power needed to raise an entire city would be stupendous.

[8] Clone Armies

The technology to clone cells and animals already exists, with most of the debate preventing widespread cloning relating to the moral and ethical repercussions. That said, the day that sees the first cloned human being is probably not too far away, and from this the possibility of cloning an army may be possible.

[9] Landspeeders

Plenty of people have made their own makeshift landspeeders by customizing their own existing transportation devices to look like the vehicle used in the film. However, the technology allowing people to own their own personal hovercar that can travel at speed is still some way off.

[10] The Force

Although not technically a technology, many people believe in powers of telekinesis or psychic ability. Unfortunately there is no concrete proof for these things, so the possibility of turning them into a science remains small.

Many of the technologies seen in Star Wars are still some way off yet. However, the point of science is to constantly explore the unknown, and one day we may well see the use of light sabers and warp speed in everyday life.

Note: This guest post was written by Robert, who is a self-confessed science geek,works on a science park, and owns an extensive collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

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