Happy Birthday, Google Chrome

Google Chrome Birthday Cake
Looks yummy! (image taken from Chrome's blog post)

Google Chrome turned 1 yesterday on the 2nd September 2009. It’s been a year since the first launch of Google Chrome back in 2 September 2008. When Google Chrome was released, it was revolutionary. The web was filled with Google Chrome release news, comic strips, features’ rants, and “item list” posts such as mine (oops): 9 things to love and hate about Google Chrome (which went to Yahoo Buzz’s front page for a few hours – it only gave me 1000 visitors though, nothing to be excited about).

According to the Google Chrome’s blog post, in a year there have been:

  • 51 developer releases, 21 beta releases or updates, and 15 stable releases or updates.
  • Over 20,600 bugs filed (4367 of them were duplicates and 3505 have been fixed).
  • 11 external committers and bug editors, 46 external code contributors.
  • 50 Chrome Experiments.
  • 26 posts on the Google Chrome blog.
  • 12 Chrome Shorts, a collection of short films about Google Chrome.
  • A sequel to the comic in Japanese.

There are a lot of competitions in the browser wars but according to my blog’s statistics in August 2009, 8.7% of my visitors were using Google Chrome when they browsed through this blog, which ranked #3:

Readers with Google Chrome browsers

There are still expectations and wish lists for Google Chrome, especially the extensions. Only time will tell whether Chrome can take over the browser’s market in the years to come. Can I have a slice of the Google Chrome’s Birthday Cake, please?

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