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How to insert image in Gmail signature


How to insert image in Gmail signature

I’ve been trying to find out how to insert image in Gmail signature last week and it seems that Gmail doesn’t directly support inserting image in Gmail signature. If you go to Gmail settings to change your default signature, you can see that Google only gives you a text-based signature.

However, with a few Gmail “hacks”, you can start sending emails with your photo or your company/site’s logo on the signatures. Here is how you send an email with image signature in Gmail.

Steps on how to insert image in Gmail signature

  1. Turn on “Canned Response” (Email templates). Here is how to enable Canned Response in Gmail.
  2. Turn on “Inserting Images” feature on Gmail labs (click on the apparatus icon on the top right of your dashboard to access Gmail labs). Then look for “Inserting images”. Set it to Enable and then save the change.
    Insert image in Gmail's email
  3. Start designing your HTML signature with your logo/photo by Composing a new mail.
  4. Double check that you’ve done Step 1 and Step 2 correctly by looking for a new “Canned responses” option & the “Insert image” icon (a square with a picture of 2 mountains) above the email’s body text field.
    How to add HTML signature in Gmail
  5. Add your photo, logo, or the image you want to use as your signature through the “Insert image” feature. This is how you insert image in Gmail signature
    Add logo to Gmail signature
  6. Add a few extra new lines before your signature on the Email body (so you don’t have to press a few ENTERs in the future) and save the template by clicking on Canned Responses – Save – New canned responses. Feel free to name the template and then save it.
  7. That’s it! Now every time you want to compose a new mail or reply to an email, click on the Canned Responses- Insert – [your saved canned responses]. The image signature will be added automatically to your email as a signature
    Gmail email with image signature attached

Let me know if the steps on how to insert image in Gmail signature are still unclear and I’ll update the post :)

UPDATE 23rd June 2010: If you are looking for an easier way but don’t mind installing an extension on your browser, check out my new post on How to add a Gmail signature with image (THE EASIEST WAY).

If you have found other easier methods on how to insert image in Gmail signature, do share it on the comment form below.


    • It’s because html formatting and inline pictures in emails are looked down upon by purists. Email is supposed to be text. Everything else should be an attachment. While I agree with this, because I came of age in the terminal era, a lot of people who grew up with AOL and outlook (e.g., my parents) expect this feature. My parents are real-estate agents and it’s a given that your picture should be everywhere. This is a great solution until gmail gets with the times

    • I don’t have the “add image” icon for some reason. I only have the “add link” icon. That’s strange… Why is that?

    • thanks a lot
      work’s great, i was just about to give up on adding the logo off my businesses

  1. So nice tut Micheal. I have tried this one already but ended up with one problem. If the image is linked with an url, there’s a blue border which is irritating one. but everything else is perfect like what u have said here.
    .-= BlogrPro´s last blog ..How WordPress can be Customized? =-.

    • yes, Same thing here.
      What is the point if i cannot link the “t” icon to my twitter profile
      I might as well type it out as plain text for Twitter / FB / and all.
      (which would ensure that make my signature look crowded)

    • Hi moshe, thanks for the comment. I’ve updated the screenshot on Step 4 with red circles to show where the insert image feature is (the icon)

      I hope this will make the tutorial clearer :)

  2. Hi Michael,
    I did everything, but when I went to compose my new mail using my new template, the picture wouldn’t show up. It’s one of those boxes with the red x. I tried saving as jpeg, gif, even a “save for web’ picture. If it doesn’t show up on my mail, does that mean it won’t show on anyone else’s mail?

  3. Thanks for the tip!! I had a problem with it though. All worked perfectly until I tested it by composing a new email and inserting my canned response – all the images came up as broken links (with the red cross in the corner). The images were from my computer and I haven’t moved any files etc so not sure why this happened…any suggestions?

    Thanks!! : )

    • I had this problem too when I tried to paste a picture signature I had built in Google Docs in… When I did upload the pictures straight from my computer it worked fine.

    • I am having the same problem. Everything works great until I go to actually use the canned response, and then I get the box with the red x.

  4. Hi, I just followed your tutorial and it was very good. However, when I add the canned response to a new email, instead of getting the picture show up, I get an image placeholder. Any idea’s?


  5. hey! thanks for helping. Now I can really insert a logo into my Gmail e-mail. But do u have any idea how to let the logo auto appear in every msg in compose?
    if yes. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

  6. Thanks very much for the great tutorial. I do have one problem though. Everything works fine except in the subject line after my chosen subject a whole lot of other stuff appears,a whole lot of ?ui=2&view etc etc. How would I get rid of that?
    Again thanks for the great work.

  7. The absent image which just has either the image name and/or the image placeholder is because you’re using a file format gmail isn’t pleased with… such as a .gif

    I re saved my file as a .jpeg and it worked.

  8. Dear Michael:

    IT WORKED!!! Bless your ass to heaven!!!
    You are all kinds of awesome!!!

    A little tip for those whose image won’t work:

    If you use a URL it’s best if you download it, and then save it as a GIF image, not JPEG. then the image WILL show up.

    Dude, again…Im just starting my business so this was MORE than helpful!

    You’ve got yourself a new fan!

    -Jared McGrath-

    • Hi!

      I just tried this the other day & love it.

      Sometimes my pictures show up & sometimes they don’t. I’m using Google Chrome primarily. I have the pictures saved as jpeg.

      It appears that some people say only use jpeg files for the pictures & some say only use gif files.

      What’s the consensus on this & why does it matter please?


  9. Hi- Thanks for the wicked post. totally straightforward, easy to do information. Much appreciated as I have been wanting to add my home business logo to my email for a while now.
    Thanks a ton!

  10. Thanks for this. Blank Canvas has stopped working at present, so your advice is great, and actually a better solution, even if I have to use a couple of clicks to get there.

  11. The solution is very relevant but the image is being sent as an attachment to the reciepent……So what should i do to include it with the text…..

  12. Michael,

    This is brilliant, when I Googled “adding images to gmail signature” I got a whole lot of other links to blogs which talk about using Firefox only addons and scripts. This solution is the only native Gmail way to do it that I’ve found.

    I had offline mail switched on (so Insert Images didn’t work in Chrome), but discovered that if I opened my Gmail in IE I could add the image and save it using Canned responses and it would then subsequently work fine in Chrome with offline enabled. Thanks again for the solution.

    Basil Brooks

  13. Michael

    Since the previous comment, I have just found Wise Stamp http://www.wisestamp.com which is a really cool add-on for Chrome as well as Firefox which also does the Gmail signature job really well, though I don’t think it encodes an image just uses a standard html tag so the image needs to be on the web. Just thought you might like to know about it.

    All the Best


    • Hi Basil,
      Yes I’m using it at the moment as it gives more flexibility in signatures (I’m using the Firefox addon). I thought I’ll play around with it a little bit more and make a post out of it :) Thanks for letting me know though

  14. This is great! For those of you having issues w/ placeholders or icons with X’s showing up — I experienced this. The fix is to upload an image from your computer — not hosted on the web. Once I did this, worked perfectly.

  15. Any way to DELETE someone else’s signature image in Gmail? My neighbor has this really ugly photo of his American Bulldog and I hate it because he’s attacked my dogs several times. I do email him once and awhile so i can’t just delete his entire address. Thanks

    • Ugh.. I don’t think it’s possible, sorry to hear that.. unless if you want to add a Firefox extension to block a specific image (which I think you can do with AdBlock plus extension)

    • Right after I posted the question I went into my gmail account, went to contacts, clicked on contact, put the cursor over the picture/icon and a little window comes up that says “change picture”! Then you have the option to change it or delete it. Easy peezy.

  16. hi
    i tried the steps to saving a canned response for a signature etc. I keep getting the red x place holder ive tried .gif and jpeg plus uploading the file to my website folder for a url connection …. none of it worked ever.
    Cant imagine why?????? was simple easy to follow instructions. just doesnt load the photo any solutions other than the bone head , redundant email responses you gave everyone else who had the same problem da?

  17. For everyone experiencing the “broken link” placeholder with their images, make sure that you are selecting an image that resides on your computer, and not linking to the image on the web, your photobucket account, etc.

    I have not been able to get the images to save in the canned response when added via a URL. The image must be uploaded from my computer to remain in the template when I recall them and works 100% of the time.

  18. I’ve been trying to use the canned response as a signature but every time I insert it the signature automatically inserts on the first line and pushes everything else under it? How can I get it to insert below what I’ve already typed?

  19. This is the answer I have been looking for–Thank you! You would think pictures/logos would be allowed in the signature section of gmail but until then….. You have given me a solution.

  20. Thanks for the tip! I’m so happy with the results, and your instructions were easy enough to follow, thankyou!

  21. Hello Michael !! Thanks for your explanation !! It was vary clear and I created my template the way I wanted !! I’ll mark your site in my Favorites

  22. Is it ok to say that I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    thank you so much for getting this to work for me. I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to put my company logo in my signature.
    Your Awesome.

  23. Hi Michael Aulia

    It’s truly a marvellous idea. I followed your steps and my mail looks really fantastic with my company logo. I got good feedback from my clients too. Thanks.

  24. Thanks Michael, I’ve seen many sites trying to expalin how to insert a pic into gmail signatures, but yours was the best. Screenshots with red circles made it extremely easy to follow. I’ve sent a link of your site to friends as well. Thanks a million buddy!

  25. hi, i’m sure it’s just a button i have to click on/off but i did what you said, and it svaed and everything. but then when i compose a new mail and click the canned button it just shows me a white squere wuthe a red X and not the image.
    what am i suosed to do? help!

  26. Having the same issue as many people. Everything is fine up until the point I compose a new message and add the canned response then I get the image boxes with no image just the red x. Tried gifs and jpegs of different sizes and no luck. Any ideas??

    • I also get the image box with the red x, but when you send the email it will go through fine. Try sending to your secondary email add and see if that works for you.

  27. HI –
    Thanks Michael for all the wonderful tech lessons.
    TWO questions — one – does WiseStamp bring “SPYWARE” or “ADWARE” onto the computer when one downloads it?
    —– two — I am going to write a series of BLOG POSTS on Active Rain and wanted to know if I may repeat some of your ideas and post links to your tech lessons when I write the blogs? Fully attributed to you of course …

    • Hi Lynn, no spyware, viruses, or other anomalies detected in my computer ever since I installed it so you’ll be safe :)

      As for the second question, I don’t see a reason why not. I’d be honored

  28. Hiiiiiii,
    thanx Michael, for your great suggession for use the scanned signature
    as signature

    yes its working..
    and which i was hunting for last two years , finally its done.

    thanx for your suggession


  29. In the ‘Settings’ section, where you set your signature, you can actually drag and drop an image from the Web into your signature panel so that your signature appears by default!

    Thus, there is no need to use a canned message for a signature, that is, unless you only want the image signature to appear on demand instead of automatically.

  30. Hi

    I am wondersing if it is possible to link the image or logo of the company to the website. I tried to link the image if it is not showing anything. Can you link? if yes, how??!!!

  31. I found an easier way. I added my photo and company logo to a free photobucket account. Then I copies the url. In the gmail signature block I clicked add a photo. cut and paste the url. I moved them around to put the photos in the correct place. Don’t forget to click save. That’s it.

    • Thank you so much, oh my gosh, you don’t know how easy this was when I followed your instructions. I actually didn’t even try the other way after I scrolled down and saw this post. However one thing, I wasn’t sure which URL to use as photobucket gives you like four URL’s and that was quite confusing and I couldn’t get them to work by guessing which one I thought. So for anyone else who tries this, use the one that says Direct Link and that will do it. Loads straight away then. But again, thank you!

  32. Hi Michael you are doing a great job but i tried all the steps but when i choose an image it restarts my email again can you help me


  33. I get the red box with a cross, but if you send it to your self as a test email the image seems to come out ok anyway (have image saved as jpg).
    Thanks for this Michael – a very good tutorial!

  34. Now you can just drag and drop the image into the body, directly
    As soon as you drag and drop a small loading icon start running and after the image has been uploaded to google’s server it will show in your mail.
    No need to do all of this. The images display in other email clients too.

  35. I am trying to do this for my moble gmail accounts, Android Phone and tablet ..
    any idea’s ??

  36. I cannot save the image signature I created because save option under canned response is greyed out?? Help

  37. I tried to make my gmail signature the way you described with the canned responses…..everything worked ,except it didn’t show my image that i used….just a red x box….please reply back with what i did wrong …..thanks Bruce

  38. i am using gmail via IE 7 in windows 7. wanted to upload a picture as my signature in email( permanent) MICHAEL… your tips helped me to upload pics temporarily but when i click on Canned responses… (save, insert and delete ) remains grey.. can you pls. help me wid this….

  39. Amazing thanks so much I was looking how to do this! So easy if you just had simple instructions like you posted. Thanks again

  40. adding signature in jpg is not working for me… I ve enabled the canned responses, but cant find ‘inserting images’ in the lab…. please assist me…

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