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How to setup & use Gmail Email Templates



One of my post (about getting a free Warhammer Online trial key) requires me to constantly sending emails to different email addresses. Whenever I can get a hold of a new key, I need to send basically the same email over and over with my Gmail account.

If you are in the same position as I do, here is what you should do to setup and use the email templates feature in Gmail. It’s hidden, but it does exists!

The email templates feature in Gmail is actually called “Canned Responses“. It is not enabled by default simply because it’s still an experimental feature in Gmail Labs. There’s nothing to worry about though as this feature is as safe as it can be. Even if it screws up, you can see it straight away on your screen.

Follow these steps to enable Canned Responses (Email Templates) in Gmail:

  1. Go to “Settings” on the top right menu on your Gmail.
  2. Then go to the sub menu called “Labs“.
  3. Search for “Canned Responses” and Enable it. Then, scroll towards the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes“.
    gmail canned responses

Now you should be able to see a new link called “Canned responses” under your Subject text field whenever you are writing a new email.

save email template

To save an email template, simply write an email that you are going to use over and over in the future, click the new Canned responses link, and choose Save (You might want to click on the “New canned response” if it’s a new template).

To use/insert an email template, simply click on the “Canned responses” whenever you are composing a new email, and then click on your saved template under the “Insert”. Gmail will automatically add it in for you.

insert email template gmail


  1. This is great find..I was looking to use custom template in outlook but now I don;t need to.

    Stumbled!! :)

  2. Thanks, Michael. This “canned response” is exactly what I need. Gone are the days of repetitive “copy and paste”.

    PS: what theme do you use for your Gmail, Mike?

  3. Yeah, nice, simple, and elegant….. just like me… ;)

  4. hi, wonder how to insert a ready make template to gmail? That meant i’ve found some templates from internet and now want to use it in gmail but i don’t know how to use it directly.

  5. Hi Michel, really thanks for great post. I’m so tired read so many post about this topic and tried it…… and didn’t work.
    FINALLY, I found your post, really make me easy and will bookmark your blog as my favorite info.


  6. Michael, it’s a great tip and looks to work well.
    I can add the image to email and it previews fine, & save as a canned response.
    But when I compose a new message with the canned response the image doesn’t show. When I look at Selection Source for the image it has title and alt but no src tag.
    I thought it might have been the long URL I was using for the link but I turned it to a tinyurl and no different.

  7. Hi ,
    Very useful tutorial.Thanks a lot.

    I was able to insert images alongwith my name using canned response.But,the problem I face is that,I just keep it at the end(probably any forward mails) where we will have signatures.But,the attachment goes to the top-most left corner (i.e)beginning of the email.

    I tried this several times by keeping the cursor at the end & insert the canned response but get the same problem.
    Please help me out in this.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Bro, thanks for this..

    some other dumb instructions missed out the initial MOST important settings portion..

    ur good for this. take care and Peace.

  9. Thanks a lot Michael!
    but unforntunately we have to do the “click” on the banned messages, google has to automate making signature just after new message,
    anyway thanks for this post and for the effort, i know now there`s not other way to make a signature after click on the new message

    • Good to hear that :) There’s another method using the WiseStamp firefox plug-in, which I think works better. Planning to write a post about it… one day..lol

  10. This feature do not work properly after save. It’s give you a blank frame of picture that you ‘d saved. Please tell me the solution. Many Thanks

  11. Can a gmail template be created with a default attachment so that everytime that template is loaded, the attachment goes out with the email?

  12. Fantastic! Super, thanks for taking the effort to discover this feature! Gmail should make this as feature for ever!

  13. T H A N K S !!!! I love my LABS and am confident your system will work.
    I have been getting really frustrated trying to place an image in my signature block on g-mail —- tried three times without success.

    Am learning to blog so I may post on ActiveRain — a web community for real estate. May I refer to you and your solutions website in a blog? Am still trying to get my first one up — all written but the tech stuff is holding me up!!

    Anyway — please let me know. 404-939-2727
    Lynn B. Friedman, Broker, ODAT Realty Services, Inc. Atlanta, GA
    “Real Estate is our product but SERVICE is our business – One Day At a Time.”

  14. great job…very needed information!

    I do have a question though? Have you found a way to include attachments? I have a need to include about 5 attachments to each email?


  15. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for this. I have set up a canned response with image now. However, I want it to come up automatically every time rather than have to press the canned button? I am sure i would forget sometimes! Do you know how I could do this?



  16. Thanks….that was really easy to follow. From a non-techy.
    It’s a bummer that you can’t upload a jpeg image into the signature in the settings section, because it means that our logo (for an animal rescue group / charity) won’t be on emails sent from my iphone, as I can’t select Canned Respose from my iphone. Well if I can I can’t see how. Ah well. I’m happy now to have our logo in emails other than those sent from my iphone. And I’m happy that it was easy and painless and I didn’t have to ask anyone for help…the above instructions were too easy. Plus I found some other nice features in the Labs section that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

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