Yes! Reversible microUSB cable does exist!

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Remember when the world went ballistic when Apple decided to change their 30-pin connector to Lightning? Thanks to the new Lightning connector, you can plug it any way you want to an iOS device (among other things it can support). Now, every Apple user would probably scream in agony if they have to go back to using the horrific 30-pin connector again.

Sadly, there was only still one way to plug a microUSB cable in and in most cases, you have to peek before you can plug. Except that, you shouldn’t be doing that anymore.

Thanks to MicFlip Reversible microUSB cable, you can now plug a microUSB cable anyway you like to a microUSB connector (just like the Lightning connector). In fact, MicFlip’s cable was the world’s first fully reversible microUSB cable.

I’ve tested it to lots of my microUSB devices such as my OPPO R7s Android smartphone, Beats PowerBeats 2 wireless earphones, Plantronics BackBeat Sense headphones, and more. They all work flawlessly with MicFlip’s cable.

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However, I do find that I have to use a bit of force to plug the cable all the way in – and also when I have to unplug the cable from the device (which both gives a snap feel). I might be worrying too much though as I haven’t heard anyone accidentally breaks a device’s connector with this cable yet.

The USB connector is gold plated and the cable is braided, which offers a lot of protection and durability. The one I have here to review also has a nice length to it (MicFlip provides a 20cm and a 200cm model for you to choose from).

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The product had thousands of backers at Indiegogo raising $146,000.

So, do you really need a reversible microUSB cable? Sure, you can live without one, but if you often get frustrated trying to figure out which way your cable should go in, then the MicFlip reversible microUSB cable is definitely for you.

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