WhatsApp turns on Encryption to your calls and messages

WhatsApp Encryption
Image courtesy of Open Whispers System

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging services, has turn encryption on today. That means all your messages, pictures, voice, and everything else you send via WhatsApp will be encrypted automatically behind the scene.

In simple terms, it means no one can snoop in and read or grab what you’ve sent because everything is encrypted over the channel.

As privacy issues grow more and more prominent (such as the recent Apple vs FBI case), we are all eager to be protected from prying eyes which includes hackers and governments.

Now, I don’t really care if a hacker reads my WhatsApp discussions about “where we should eat tonight” in my chat history, but I guess if you are sending sensitive information such as where you live, what your Bank details are, or a colleague’s contact number – then you do want your messages to be secure and protected from prying eyes.

On a negative side, this means terrorists can also use this “free ride” to send messages that no one can track, including counter-terrorism agencies.

I guess we should leave the debate between privacy and security on another day?

For now, when you start chatting to your friends on WhatsApp, you should see the small note that encryption has been turned on.

Source: Open Whisper Systems | WhatsApp Blog

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