EFM Aspen & Monaco Case for the iPhone

EFM Aspen-1

If you have room for a new iPhone case in your life, then you should consider the EFM cases. Partnering with D3O, a UK-based developer of patented ground breaking impact protection solutions, EFM uses the technology under their name exclusively across Australia and New Zealand.

The cases feature patented technology that is based on non-Newtonian principles. In standard conditions, the molecules flow freely, allowing the material to remain soft and flexible. On impact, they lock together for a split second, dissipating the impact energy and reducing the force transmitted before returning to their flexible state.

I have the chance to try out their EFM Aspen Case Armour and EFM Monaco Wallet Case Armour. With a plastic-style look and feel, the cases are very soft and have good form factor as they only add a relatively small amount of dimension on all sides.

EFM Aspen Case Armour

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EFM Aspen-2 EFM Aspen-4

Putting the case on and off the iPhone is very easy. You just need to ‘push’ the iPhone into and out-of this super flexible case without having to worry about scratching your iPhone.

All the buttons, inputs, and outputs are still accessible once the case is on, although it would require significantly extra pressure on the case to push the buttons (i.e. the power and both volume buttons). I am specifically irritated at how I have to press a lot harder every time I need to use the power button to take screenshots. I guess that’s something you have to pay in exchange of having more protection.

EFM Aspen-6 EFM Aspen-7

EFM Aspen-8 EFM Aspen-10

Also, if you happen to have earphones with non-linear-shaped jacks or even iPhone cradles, the added padding that the case created might mean that you need to take the case off before using any of them.

EFM Aspen-12

In terms of durability, in the first few days of using it, I managed to obtain quite a visible scratch at the back of the case, so in a way it has been working as expected.

EFM Monaco Wallet Case Armour

Official video:

EFM Monaco-2 EFM Monaco-5

The Wallet Case option extends the case with a flap containing three internal card slots (one with transparent window perfect for ID card) and a magnetic lock. The flap has a premium rubber-like external and felt-like internal to play friendly with the screen.

EFM Monaco-6 EFM Monaco-1

EFM Monaco-3 EFM Monaco-4

I put my NFC transport card (Opal) in one of the card slots and it works like a charm without me having to open the flap. On the other hand, when the flap is closed, you won’t be able to access the mute button and although you can still press the volume buttons it does require a ‘hide-and-seek’ game to find where it is. And as previously mentioned, with the buttons being very hard to press, it would be a lot quicker to open the flap, turn on the display, and deal with the volume right from the screen.

Both Aspen and Monaco Wallet lines are available in Orange, as well as Jet Black, Mint, Violet, Navy, and Slate (dark grey).

Disclosure: Samples are supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine

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