September 2009 Traffic & Income Statistics

September 2009 traffic statistics

It’s probably the best month that this blog has ever had (traffic and recognition wise); 42,413 unique visitors with 56,191 pageviews, chosen as one of the Best Geek blog finalists in Asia Pacific, the first community spotlight at BlogEngage, invited to the Famous Blogger Club, and today I met Sabrina from Rantang for an opportunity to blog there.

Traffic details:

  • Referring sites – 19,908 visits.
  • Search Engines – 18,563 visits.
  • Direct Traffic –3,942 visits.

Total money made online in September 2009:$116.71

Referring Sites Breakdown

September 2009 Referring Sites

Thanks to StumbleUpon, I got around 12,000 visitors alone for the Waking up in the morning joke (an actually very old post but still got nice stumbles every now and then).

Money made online in September 2009

  • Google AdSense: $90.57
  • BuzzLogic: $14.13
  • Amazon Affiliates: $12.01

I finally made a few dollars out of Amazon (about 9 products ordered) after I promoted it a bit heavier to my review posts (basically put a nice Amazon widget plug-in after the review posts). I’ll write a nice post about the plug-in some time this week so you can try it for yourself too.

September 2009 Post Highlights

So yeah, it’s been a great month! How about you guys?

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