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How to submit blog posts from WordPress to Facebook automatically


submit from wordpress to facebookYou’ve probably known a lot of sites or plug-ins that auto submit blog posts to Twitter (auto tweet the recently published blog posts). How about Facebook? I was trying to find some good WordPress plug-ins to submit my blog posts from WordPress to Facebook automatically. I found and used one called Simplaris Blogcast and I thought that it was already good enough. Then I tried another WordPress to Facebook plug-in called Wordbook (I guess a combination between WordPress and Facebook?).

Wordbook is so much better than Simplaris Blogcast and I’ll tell you why.

How Wordbook works

  • Wordbook will post an excerpt of the post along with a few images detected on the post automatically.
  • Wordbook will post it on your Facebook Wall so your friends can see it easily on their news feed area.
  • Since it’s a wall post, your friends will be able to comment on it straight on your Wall.
  • Wordbook automatically submits the post to your Facebook wall every time a new blog post is published.
  • Wordbook works even if you use post scheduling (woohoo!)

How to install and use Wordbook

  • Go to your WordPress Administration Control Panel – Plugins – Add New
  • Search for “Wordbook” and you will actually see 2 results of the same plug-in name:
    wordbook wordpress to facebook plugins

    Add the one that says “This plugin allows you to cross-post your blog posts to your Facebook Wall. Your Facebook “Boxes” tab will show your most recent blog posts” by Robert Tsai on the description.

  • Activate the plug-in.
  • Now go to Settings-Wordbook to set-up your Facebook login and permissions for the Wordbook plug-in.
  • Follow the instructions (generate the one-time code) by clicking on the Facebook lock icon:
    setup facebook key code for wordbook
  • Continue with the instructions and allow the plug-in to post on your Facebook Wall.
  • Now even when it says it’s done and everything, you’ll notice that the Wordbook plug-in only posts the blog post’s title in one line and not what the author promised. I made this mistake and my Facebook wall showed this instead:
    wordbook post one line title on Facebook wall
    Now according to Wordbook official site, the plug-in supposed to post on the Facebook Wall, a brief excerpt of the post with images like this:
    Wordbook example to post on facebook wall
    So what you need to do, is actually to go back to the Settings-Wordbook options. You will still see that same Facebook padlock icon even though you’ve already done the step before. Click on it again (yes, again) to actually allow the Wordbook plug-in to fully post the excerpt with images on your Facebook wall!

    The option screen shouldn’t show the blue Facebook padlock icon anymore once you’ve fully completed the steps!

  • Now go publish a WordPress blog post and you will see that the plug-in automatically submits the blog post to your own Facebook wall, with excerpt of the post and images! It will also display a nice WordPress icon next to the Wall title!

Here is what it looks like on my own Facebook wall if you do the steps correctly:

Post WordPress to Facebook with images to the wall
Looks very nice and professional :)

Wordbook plug-in for WordPress is so much better than Simplaris Blogcast that I used earlier. Some people dislike the fact that commenting on the wall doesn’t reflect/sync with the comment on the blog post itself. However, I find it good that the author keeps it separate.

So if you want do some promotion of your WordPress blog on Facebook, take a look at Wordbook :)

PS: Also check out my other post on how to auto post from WordPress to Facebook Fan Page

PPS: And of course, please share this great plug-in to the other bloggers!


    • Same here, I don’t normally brag about having a blog to my friends but they notice it after seeing lots of new gadgets/items in my bedroom (free review units) lol

  1. That’s a pretty slick plugin – very useful for those who wants to promote their posts on Facebook.

    It’s not a plugin for me though, I doubt how effective it will be to promote my tech posts to those 100+ friends I have on Facebook as mosth of them are non-tech people. Besides, there’s always the “worlds collide” thing to consider, if one really wants to bring your “blogging life” into your “friend/family life on facebook”.

    PS: You have a new RSS subscriber :)
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Danish Company Ready With 3D Revolution For Flatscreens =-.

  2. This plugin is good! But incidentally, I joined networkedblogs on facebook and it almost has the same functionality – pull the rss feed of my blog and automatically post the recent one to my wall.

    Though I would have used this plugin if I hadn’t joined networkedblogs.
    .-= Marlene´s last blog ..Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival 2009 =-.

  3. Hey nice find, but instead of using individual plugin to publish to facebook, twitter why cant we use single plugin. Try SPNBabble plugin which plugin.

    • Hm not that I know of. I did this once when I didn’t want to publish a certain post to Facebook: deactivated the plug-in, published the post, then re-activated the plug-in again lol

  4. Hello Michael,

    This is a plugin I have been using for a few weeks now, and I must say it is very good. I have noticed an interest of new people coming from Facebook over to my blog, and saying how pleased they are of finding it. I think it does have it’s uses, and the same time I have noticed that if i make a change inside the blog entry itself, or add a new page on my site for instances it will get automatically posted on Facebook. Is this something that can be changed in the settings, do you know?

    Other than that it is indeed very useful, and saves me the trouble of sharing it manually.
    .-= Ana´s last blog ..Misguided Love; AW Blog Chain, September 2009 =-.

    • Same here. I’ve got 8-10 visits from Facebook a day because of this. It’s not much but every bit of traffic counts :)

      Unfortunately I don’t think there are such settings unless you manually deactivate and reactivate the plug-in again :( Hopefully the developers put more options in the future

  5. this is cool…
    but im using the rss feature provided by Facebook to update my blog entry as a “note” on Facebook.. =)

    Facebook > Own Profile > “Options” below “Share” > Settings > Blog/RSS > Enter Blog Feed

    That’s all! =)
    .-= kenwooi´s last blog ..Kellie’s Castle =-.

  6. Is there any way to get this to post to a FanPage instead of your personal page? Or does anyone know of such a tool?

  7. I got nothing. I go to my plug ins and it says

    Hi, Kevin!

    Wordbook appears to be configured and working just fine.

    If you like, you can start over from the beginning:

    I posted on my blog and it did not show up on my facebook personal page or business page. Did I miss something?

  8. Thanks for this article.
    After a few hours trying to get this to work, going back to the settings-wordbook page did the trick for me.

  9. […] This article on cravingtech.com explains how Wordbook works to post your blog entries to your Facebook feed. Hint: it’s a multi-stage setup. It’s also easier than it sounds – just several clickthroughs and a quick copy-paste. […]

  10. Thanks so much for this tip. XD I have been looking for effective ways to connect my blog to my facebook account and this the job for me. XD More power to you, sir.


  11. Great plugin to save life. I was using networked blog but it does not display the recently posted article on the wall automatically. Hope this pluggin will automate this.

  12. It looks like it only posts to personal Facebook pages. It would be great if it would auto-post to the blog’s fan page.

  13. Need a way to post to Facebook Fan Page.

    Our blog is actually a working business website with a blog attached to it. Don’t want to hit up all my friends with blog posts, just people on the fan page.

  14. I am SO GLAD I found this article. I have been searching and searching for a plug in like this, which I’d been using on another site, but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for! Not only that, your step by step installation instructions helped this non technical gal a LOT!


  15. Hello I have tried to activate this plugin 2 times but both time I m getting the same error “An error occurred. Please try again later.” what to do please revert me back

  16. when i activate the plugin i get a white page when i click on plugins???
    anybody other here with the same problem?

  17. wordbook no longer works, I am not sure why, but it has stopped working. I have tried WPBook. But, its hard to try to set up. Is there any other similar plugins?

  18. after using this plugin. when I click the button leads to facebook.com facebook and why there is an error and told to try again. what anyone ever experienced this problem?

  19. Does anybody know if wordbook works with Facebook Pages ? I have a page I want to push WP posts to but not to a personal profile that admins the page.

  20. I really like the image feature this plugin has, but find it hard to pull away from RSS Graffiti, which pulls my RSS into FB. Plus I would much rather prefer my posts going to my Page as opposed to my individual site (which is what this does, right?).

    Thanks for the post… if it posts to my page, then I could see a great us for this, but this seems to be one area facebook is really lagging on! Should see some headway in this area this year from devs and FB alike.


  21. This is exactly what I been trying to put on my newly uploaded site, now gonna get some traffic from FB. Thanks Michael for sharing :)

  22. I wanted to use this great plugin. so my post could appear on facebook automatically. thanks the information is very useful for me.

  23. When i click on Facebook lock icon then a new tab opens and displays the following error “something went wrong please try back later” what do i do please help.

  24. when I clicked on the facebook lock icon it sends me to facebook but I get an error which says ..
    Error.An error occurred. Please try again later.????

  25. Im looking plugin like this but dont want bombardier fans wall, any plugin can publish in fbwall just mention how many new posts + title daily. (my post around 15 a day)

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